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The Rise Of Mobile Shopping: How to Prepare for the Biggest Trend Impacting Your Store

Mobile shopping is the biggest trend impacting your ecommerce store right now.

The question is — are you prepared for the rise in mobile traffic?

In this short video, I ask a few million-dollar business owners from Blue Ribbon Mastermind how mobile traffic is changing their brands — and what they’re doing today to plan for the future.

Meet the experts:

  • Ben Katzaman, Founder of Wanderer Bracelets
  • Nick Disabato, CRO Expert and Designer
  • Matt Decelles, Co-Founder of William Painter
  • Buck Rizvi, Founder of Realdose Nutrition
  • Michael Jackness, CEO of

Watch my new video to hear what these million-dollar ecommerce brands had to say about the rise of mobile shopping.

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Ben: In my three-year e-commerce forecast, I really see everything going to mobile. We’ve been seeing that over the last couple years, but I think it’s gonna be even more.

Nick: I see e-commerce focusing predominantly on mobile as a source of transactions.

Matt: We see e-commerce trending towards heavily in mobile. 

Buck: I have been amazed at the trend of e-commerce specifically in the mobile space, so the willingness of consumers to not just discover and browse, but then to buy. I’m super excited about that.

Michael: Mobile devices are becoming more ubiquitous. People are getting more comfortable making purchases on mobile. There’s now Apple Pay and those types of things available on mobile, so it’s become actually easier in some cases to purchase on your phone. 

Nick: In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of, like, multi-device strategies where you try and capture the person’s interest and maybe their email address on mobile, and then you move them over to a desktop context later after they get an email, or they get pinged at some point, or whatever have you. I think that that is a good first step but it’s not enough. We should be trying harder to actually encourage conversion on mobile. 

Matt: Investing a lot in doing optimization tests in mobile, making that experience simple and really easy, so investing a lot in user experience in mobile.

Buck: Investments and understanding how we can leverage technology to do it better, provide a better experience. And I think those that do provide the best experience on the mobile interface are going to win. Performance in terms of load times of their pages, ease of navigation, ease of ability to find what they need to find to make a decision, and then ultimately, is the checkout process really streamlined? Is it super, super easy?

Michael: I think that people that haven’t optimized their website for mobile or aren’t seeing mobile as something that’s coming down the pipe are gonna be…are hurting in the next couple of years. 

Matt: I would say, like, 85% of our traffic is on mobile and it’s only gonna get bigger. 

Buck: Mobile is where it’s at. It’s gonna continue to be mobile and maybe more in terms of consumers sharing what they’re doing, what they’re buying. If we can tap into that, I think business will be able to benefit from it.

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