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The Quiet Light Podcast: How I Stopped Trading Time for Money

by Ezra Firestone

Want to learn how to be more effective with your time and stop sacrificing your life for your business?

In this new episode of The Quiet Light Podcast, I talk with host Joe Valley about the importance of work-life balance and how I learned to stop trading my time for money.

(For those who don’t know, Quiet Light is a brokerage firm that’s brokered $100 million in online business sales since 2007, and Joe’s team personally evaluates 4-5 businesses every week.)

And if work-life balance doesn’t sound important to you, then think again…

It took a decade of work to get where I am today, and a healthy work-life balance is the #1 reason why I’m able to run my $20 million/year business while working less than 40 hours a week.

This episode is a super important listen for anyone who’s interested in avoiding burnout and staying in the game for the long haul. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:
00:01 Long story short: How I got started
10:21 In life, what you put your attention on grows
13:47 My most successful business model
22:14 Why you should sell premium, consumable products
27:16 Work will always take up the time you give it
30:07 Entrepreneurs need work-life boundaries
40:19 A few resources for ecommerce folks