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The Channels Available Within A Search Engine Result Page!


Video Highlights
0:16 How to occupy search engine channels
0:32 Universal Search
1:00 Convincing Google that a specific media format is relevant
1:35 Taking advantage of channels for multiple rankings
1:45 Create a video for each page on your site
2:15 Create an image for each page & post it to Pinterest
2:27 Occupying the news channel of a SERP
2:55 The 7 channels | occupy for eCommerce
3:30 “Own The Race Course”

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Ezra Firestone here for Smart Marketer Traffic. And today we’re talking about search engine optimization and the different channels that are available to you within a search engine result page and how you can occupy them.

So we all know that Google’s goal is to organize the world’s information. Well there’s a shift happening. And Google understands it. And it’s why they’ve rolled out this thing called “universal search”. So what does that actually mean? Well Google understands that different people prefer to consume media in different formats. Some people like to watch videos. Some people like to listen to audio. Some people like to read text. And some people like to look at pictures.

So for any given query or keyword search, Google is trying to produce as many different media formats as possible within their result page. And what that creates for us is channels within that search engine result page for us to occupy as search engine optimizers. And the good news for you is that you can convince Google that a specific media format is relevant to a particular query. So it’s your job to have the right kind of content optimized and uploaded to the proper places, so that it gets classified as relevant to Google for whatever query you’re going after.

I’m mainly talking about videos, images and website listings. So how do you take advantage of this for your website for your e-commerce website or your blog? How do you take advantage of these different channels and optimize different pieces of content so that you can have multiple rankings on Google for any given keyword term. For an given page on your website, you should do at least the two following things. Number one; create a video for that page. So if you’ve got a product on your website. Let’s say a blue widget, or if you’ve got a blog post that you want to rank for a keyword.

Well, in addition to that blog post or that product page, you should create a video that talks about the same thing that you upload to YouTube. Because it’s really easy to rank a YouTube video for the same query. So you’ll have your YouTube video ranking, and you’ll have your website ranking. You should also have a customized image created; an image that you pin to Pinterest or a picture that you take that’s relevant to your blog post or your product image for your e-commerce store. And that will give you an image, a video result, and your webpage to optimize.

You can also create a press release about this same topic or this same keyword group, and that will allow you to occupy the news channel of the search engine page. Because Google wants to have news results as well. And when you syndicate a press release it goes out to all the different news channels and it gets classified by Google as news. And so, it will take up a spot on Google.

For physical product, you can post your product to Amazon and that will give you yet another channel to occupy. So for every single product on my e-commerce stores, I occupy the following channels on a search engine result page. So let’s say that the query is “Elvis costume”. Well, I’m going to have a text ad in Google ad words and I’m going to have my website listing showing up in the organic results, and I’m going to have an image showing up in the organic results. I’m going to have a video as well as a press release. And I’m also going to have an Amazon listing for my product that I’m optimizing, as well as a blog listing.

That gives me seven different opportunities to rank for that one query. If you would like a great resource on exactly how to do this then follow the link below and you’ll be taken over to my friend James Framko’s [SP] website, Super Fast Business. And he’s got a free course called, “Own the Race Course” that talks about how to take one piece of content, a video in this case, and syndicate it out to a bunch of different places so that you are getting out in front of every single audience that you can possibly get out in front of. And you’re also taking that content and turning it into each different media format that you can then rank in Google. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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