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The Best Way To Start, Systematize and Scale A Podcast, With Anne Claessen

For the first time on this show, we’re spotlighting the benefits of Podcasting for your brand. If you’re considering launching a podcast and want to understand how it could fit into your business, this episode is a great place to start. Our host Molly Pittman has been podcasting since 2015, but in this episode, she talks with Podcast Entrepreneur Anne Claasen, founder of the Podcast Management company, Podcast Babes. They discuss the most powerful benefits of having a podcast, the keys to success, and the current options for monetizing your show.

You Will Learn:

  • The keys to a successful (and sustainable) podcast
  • How to make more money from a Podcast than the standard CPM model/li>
  • Tips for structuring Sponsorships

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “It is not too late to start a podcast. I’ve had so many people say, oh, it’s 2023 – the ship has sailed, and that’s not true. If the thought of recording and sharing information with the world excites you, start a podcast, you won’t regret it”. Molly Pittman

02:37 A Lawyer Turned Digital Entrepreneur

05:51 Anne’s Advice On Where To Start With Your Podcast

08:24 Is Podcasting Still A Viable Top-Of-Funnel Marketing Strategy?

09:08 The Biggest Benefit Of Having Your Own Podcast

11:45 To Script Or Not To Script?

15:30 Monetization: How do I make money from a podcast?

16:30 How to prevent the “Pod-Fade”?

18:00 Different Podcast Monetization Strategies

20:40 Sponsorship models.

22:42 How to find Podcast Sponsors.

23:57 “I always call it a collaboration and not a sponsorship because no one wants to sponsor your podcast, but they do wanna reach your audience!” Anne Claessen

25:11 What Do Successful Podcasts Have In Common?

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