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The 4 Stages Of Scaling Facebook Ads (And Is Your Business Ready?) With Pepijn Hufen

by Pepijn Hufen

If only scaling your business was as easy as throwing more money at the Ads Manager! If you know, you know…Scaling is not always just a matter of pushing more ad spend. Your business needs to be ready for it, and Pepijn Hufen is back on the show to explain the why and the how!
Pep is the CEO of the Smart Marketer Agency, and he’s sharing what they’ve discovered with their high-level clients in this past year. By the end of this episode, you will understand the most critical factors in each of the four stages of Ad spend, as well as the different problems and challenges that you can expect, so that, ultimately, you can scale up to the next level for your business.

“I want you to understand that scaling is not always just a matter of pushing more ad spend. Your business needs to be ready for it”. Pepijn Hufen

You Will Learn:

  • Two common reasons your business might not be able to scale up (right now)
  • What to do when Profitability Benchmarks block your Ad Spend growth
  • When to add third party tracking tools
  • How long it will take you each day to manage an account in each growth stage
  • Exactly what to focus on in each phase of Facebook Ad growth

And More…



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Time Stamps:

01:00 There’s no substitute for hanging out in person.

03:00 Four Stages, An Overview.

04:11 Generally, two things make Scaling hard.

08:48 Two Options For When The Math Doesn’t Work, And You Hit A Wall

10:50 Stage 1: Growth (When you’re spending less than $30,000 in Ad Spend each month)

13:32 Stage 2: Momentum (When you’re spending between $30,000 and $100,000 per month)

16:15 “There are just certain things that you just want to have the real numbers for in order to make decisions because eventually, it comes down to money in and money out. It doesn’t matter what the ads manager is saying; it doesn’t matter what your tracking tool is saying. If you are not profitable, you’re losing money. You have to change something”. Pepijn Hufen

18:49 Stage 3 – Acceleration (Spending $100,000 to $500,000 per month in Ad Spend)

19:27 “It’s our experience that more top-of-funnel campaigns, mostly running on AVO and Interest Targeting, is what really works (for us)… So if Facebook tells you to simplify your ad account, I would not encourage you to do that”. Pepijn Hufen

21:32 Stage 4 – Scale (Spending more than $500,000 each month)

23:50 In summary.