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Tactical (And Timely) Tweaks To Raise Your E-Commerce AOV, With Ezra Firestone

by Ezra Firestone

We know it’s the holidays, and Entrepreneur life is always busy, but we had to share this high-value, tactical excerpt from Ezra Firestone’s Blue Ribbon E-Commerce Mastermind. Ezra is the founder of Smart Marketer, Boom! by Cindy Joseph and Zippify Apps.

So, if you’re into Optimization, Testing, and you want to raise your Average Order Value, you’ll love this episode!

“My whole year has been focused on mobile because 70% of my traffic is mobile. But tablet and desktop (even though it’s only 30% of my traffic) is half of my revenue”. Ezra Firestone.

Plus, you will learn:

  • The exact (Desktop) Optimization Tweak they’ve been testing.
  • A ‘Standard Winning Process’ that stopped working as well in 2021 (and what’s winning now).
  • Why Ezra would spend $10k only to make ten sales (and why it absolutely makes sense).
  • The Exit Intent Pop-Ups that are performing well for this holiday season…



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00:00 “My whole year has been focused on mobile because 70% of my traffic is mobile, but tablet and desktop, even though it’s only 30% of my traffic is half of my revenue”. Ezra Firestone

00:55 Molly Explains the context of this episode (and what you can get out of it)!

01:42 Ezra’s philosophy on Business.

04:01 The Desk Top Optimization Tweak They’re Testing at Boom

08:05 “I think for repeat traffic and sale events, I don’t know that we’ll ever do it any other way.” Ezra Firestone.

08:32 A ‘Standard Winning Process’ that stopped working as well (in 2021).

09:23 What’s Winning Now.

10:57 “I still believe in product launch marketing as a Big component of E-Comm success”. Ezra Firestone.

11:08 Email Ad Strategy.

14:07 Why would you spend $10k to only make ten sales?

18:29 Boom Is Adapting Their Standard Evergreen Discount

21:43 Exit Intent Pop Ups.

24:07 A Culture Of Re-Purposing

24:43 Boom’s Holiday Email Strategy

25:53 Boom’s Black Friday Sale Results.

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