Staying Grounded: Thoughts on Success, Humility and Self-Worth

by Ezra Firestone

“How do you stay so grounded with all your success? You seem so humble.”

How do I stay grounded with my success? Because my viewpoint of myself is not tied to whether or not I am successful. It makes no difference to me.

I think some people get out of balance when they become successful because their viewpoint of themselves is tied to that success. They think that, because they’ve managed to generate wealth, all the sudden they’re frickin’ awesome.

But my outlook on the entrepreneurial hustle is a little different from most of the people in this industry and it’s one of the things that makes me stand out.

I don’t optimize for building the biggest business or making the most money; I optimize for how my businesses can contribute to the things I really care about: treating people well, making my wife happy, having a good time and taking care of myself.

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