Smart Marketer Podcast

Scaling Lessons from 365 Days at Smart Marketer (Part 2)

by Ezra Firestone

Do you take time to reflect on your accomplishments? (You should!) In this episode, Ezra joins Molly and John to wrap up this 2-part series on what they’ve learned from working together over the last year, taking a moment to reflect on and appreciate how far they’ve come as peers and individuals. We hope you use this episode as motivation to reinvest in product creation, build processes ahead of time, find your voice of reason, and make the next year better than the last!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why John and Molly work so well together, according to Ezra
  • Who the voice of reason is at Smart Marketer
  • How Ezra won John over
  • What “safe-porting” is

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1:16 Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come.

2:53 The voice of reason at Smart Marketer is…

4:00 Symmetry between opposite personalities.

5:10 Delegation vs. Doing.

7:38 The value of one.

8:40 John didn’t want to come to Smart Marketer…

10:48 But Ezra cooked up a plan to win him over.

11:31 “Here’s what we could’ve done better.”

14:42 One last piece of advice…

16:12 What is “safe-porting”?

18:17 Thanks for listening!