(Shopify Featured Article) The Secret To Building a Profitable Sales Funnel, With Ecommerce Expert Ezra Firestone

by Ezra Firestone

Article image from the Shopify blog.

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The sales funnel is one of the most important things for any marketer to master.

When done right, a good sales funnel can help you find new prospects, move them through the decision stage and turn them into paying customers.

Without one, it’s almost impossible for a digital brand to acquire customers at any considerable scale.

That’s why Shopify asked me to break down the successful sales funnel strategies behind my $125 million brand.

If you want the 10-step process I use to find and convert more customers, then read the article now on the Shopify blog:

Read Article on Shopify Blog

(While I focus on ecommerce examples in this article, I use the same funnels in my SaaS and info brands as well. These strategies can work for businesses in any market or industry.)

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