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Real Talk With Molly Pittman: Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown (And What To Do About It)

by Ezra Firestone

The better you feel, the better your business is going to operate. So the more work we can do for our mental well-being, the more our companies will grow. For this reason, Molly Pittman digs deep and shares a powerful and candid episode today. Listen to glean from her wisdom, learn how to process your dark times healthily, and ultimately be un-hindered in your purpose!

You Will Learn,

  • Coping mechanisms that may be hurting you instead of serving you.
  • Molly’s top Tools for increasing Mental Well-Being.
  • 7 steps you can take to process powerful negative or overwhelming thoughts.

And more!

“If this happens to you, if you have these periods of darkness, if you feel depressed, if you feel anxious, you all, you are not alone.” Molly Pittman



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00:00 “Nothing is more important in my life than helping myself feel better because if I don’t feel well, I can’t serve the world. I definitely can’t serve the world unselfishly and profit” Molly Pittman.

1:45 Then and Now: How Molly manages her Mental Well-Being.

“I feel like I’m letting everyone down, and I feel like I’m not living up to my purpose, which from the outside might seem completely ridiculous, but it’s not something that I’ve yet been able to rationalize out of existence.” Molly Pittman.

04:09 Coping Mechanism #1 – (We are willing to bet that if you’re listening to this Podcast, you do this too).

“I’m looking forward a lot less and being more present, which is the goal. But when you do that, it causes you to feel your stuff.” Molly Pittman.

09:11 You are Not alone.

11:32 Synchronicity.

14:05 The double-edged sword.

15:18 Taking care of yourself begins with acceptance.

“Our world is getting crazier every year, and it’s getting more intense. We have more messages thrown at us every day, more views of how we should be living as humans, and how we’re stacking up against it. So give yourself a little grace.” Molly Pittman.

16:51 Focus on personal development (and habits).

“It’s easier and more fun for me to live a clean life than spend my whole life cleaning everything up.” Ezra Firestone.

19:25 Seven Steps you can take to process powerful negative or overwhelming thoughts.

23:41 Learn what heals YOU.

“We can’t live in the light all the time, but we can come back fast”. Gabby Bernstein.

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