Smart Marketer Podcast

Real Talk John Grimshaw and Molly Pittman: A Monumental Life Shift?

by Molly Pittman

John is BACK, and in this “Not Business” episode, you’ll hear where the heck he went and why. Plus, John and Molly talk about the adjustments you’ll need to make if you’re going to be able to bring more balance into your life, go with the flow and still succeed professionally. You will also hear Molly’s synchronicity story and be encouraged to be flexible and open so that you can better solve problems for your clients (and enjoy the ride)!

You Will Learn:

  • What John learned from taking some extended time off.
  • How going with the flow can lead to a happier life.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to think about your goals.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:55 Where has John been?

03:30 How does a Digital Marketer take extended time off?

04:47 “It’s a big transformative change just to accept that you cannot just plug in additional hours to get caught up.” John Grimshaw

05:43 An Exercise in Letting Go

08:28 “I was happy to talk about work life balance, but I would say, you know, this is good for everybody except for John”. John Grimshaw.

08:55 Moving Away From A Fear Mindset

09:38 Molly’s ‘In the flow’ story.

12:08 Synchronicity and Intuition.

14:52 Don’t wait to think about your goals.

16:02 The value of flexibility and openness.