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Qualify Your Customers With James Schramko


Video Highlights
0:35 One of the most effective things you can do in your business is to qualify your customer
0:50 James believes that there is not a lot of selling required if your marketing is good
1:05 In order to have very clear marketing you have to know exactly who you are taking to
1:20 It’s also important to let them know who it is and isn’t for
1:30 One way Ezra and James qualify their customers for higher ticket offer is through surveys
1:47 James’ customers have to talk directly with him before he sends them a link to buy his product to make sure they are a good fit
2:15 For a physical products business you can qualify people based on the type of traffic that’s coming to your website

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Ezra: This ground control. Hi, Ezra Firestone here for Smart Marketer. I’ve got my buddy, James Shramco. How you doing?

James: Good, thanks. That’s not the first time you have sound on the recording.

Ezra: No.

James: You did the Beatles.

Ezra: We did the Beatles.

James: I think.

Ezra: You totally made fun of me, man.

James: I did and I even had the cartoonist make fun of us.

Ezra: Terrible.

James: Because let’s face it. There’s not much more that I enjoy than to make fun.

Ezra: To make and poking fun of me. You do love that. One of the things that we have discovered in our various businesses is that one of the most effective things that you can do as a business owner is qualify the customer or person who’s going to engage with you before you let them engage with an offer you have.

James: Yes, so a lot of people ask me why don’t I do a lot of sales copy tactics and stuff. It’s because a lot of the people looking at my offers have come through from warm traffic sources like podcasts where they get to know you, they get to understand who you are. There’s not a lot of selling required if your marketing’s good.

Ezra: That’s right.

James: So having very clear marketing starts with knowing exactly who you are talking to and to understand their problems and frustrations and then to articulate that and to let them know clearly who this is for, but also who this is not for so that you’re not wasting time. That’s how I’ve been able to run my business without having a very strong refund policy and all that stuff because it just doesn’t happen.

Ezra: So you can qualify people through video. One of the ways that we qualify people for a higher ticket office, higher ticket offers is through the use of surveys.

James: Yes, so I don’t survey so much, but I just talk about the type of people who have experienced success and who is most likely to help. One of the things that I do is by the time someone’s ready to talk to me, I make sure that they’ve watched the video, that they understand the pricing schedule because it’s fairly expensive for me to spend time with someone. Once they’ve done that, they apply and I still have a conversation with them before I actually send them the buy link. So they can’t actually buy it unless we’re a good fit because it’s all about fit.

Never being desperate for a sale is a good secret to having a great business.

Ezra: Yeah and if you look at like a physical product business, you can qualify people based on the type of traffic that’s coming to your website. So you can do really specific targeting. This is why Niche offers are very good or Niche products is because you know exactly what someone wants before they arrive so you can tailor that offer to them. So this has been Ezra Firestone.

James: James Shramco.

Ezra: We’ll catch up with you in the next video.

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