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Proven Facebook Ad Fixes For Better Results in 2022 (Part 2)

by Molly Pittman

This episode is for you if you’re looking to optimize your Facebook Ads to bring in better-than-ever sales while reducing your CPMs and lead costs (as we’ve done at Smart Marketer). You’ll hear the recording of a deep-dive workshop with Molly Pittman and Senior Media Buyer Dennis Paskalev. Listen in as real-live marketers ask the questions, and the experts respond with golden nuggets to help you with your campaigns. In this episode, Dennis talks about what to do if your Vertical scaling is not working (or not working fast enough), and he answers a variety of questions at the end.

If you didn’t hear Fix#1, go back and check out episode #112 to learn why you shouldn’t consolidate your Ad Account structure (despite what Facebook says).

You Will Learn:

  • Why Horizontal Scaling is the faster way to scale.
  • 10 Ways to scale horizontally.

And More…



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00:58 Vertical Scaling Has Its Limits

03:56 What to do if Vertical Scaling is not working well for you

08:41 Horizontal Scaling Is the Faster Way To Scale

09:20 Find The Sweet Spot For Your Daily Budget.


11:30 Are there any reliable third-party tracking tools?

13:08 What’s the rationale for iOS-only campaigns?

15:42 How do you go about creating an avatar without guessing randomly?

16:43 How far back should you look for ‘winning audiences or campaigns?