Smart Marketer Podcast

Our Launch Report Card & The Second Scoop Strategy.

by Ezra Firestone

If you like data, testing, analysis, and AWESOME marketing results, you’re in for a treat. In this episode, our host (and CMO of Smart Marketer), John Grimshaw, dives into the numbers, because after all, aren’t numbers the way that we evaluate what marketing strategies are working and which ones we need to take off the table?

So if you’re overwhelmed with different approaches, trial and error is taking its toll, or you want some expert input, this episode will give you concrete guidance and a few great takeaways for your next launch or opt-in. John draws from a training he recently gave in Team Traffic, a community for advanced media buyers.

“What I really love about this is we’ve been seeing really good, consistent results from Facebook even after all the iOS stuff.” John Grimshaw.

You will learn:

  • The pre-launch attention-builder that was a huge hit!
  • How to use the ‘Second Scoop Strategy’ to get people to opt-in.
  • Are Webinars still working for Lead Generation?



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0:00 “What I really love about this is we’ve been seeing really good, consistent results from Facebook even after all the iOS stuff.” John Grimshaw.

0:44 “Even if this isn’t your favorite way to think about marketing, I encourage you to stick with me, and I promise you’re going to have a few great takeaways for your next launch or opt-in.” John Grimshaw.

2:03 John sets the stage and describes the ICOSA framework. Check out episodes 49 and 51 for a more in-depth explanation.

3:58 The ICOSA framework was worth about $7.5 million to Boom By Cindy Joseph In 2021.

10:41 The Second Scoop Strategy to get people to join the waitlist.

11:28 “It’s just a great way to show what the logical next step is, which is a big part of marketing, right? It takes an interested audience that may not know you that well on a journey from interested to ready to take action, and the smaller, the steps are, the easier it is for people to make those commitments”. John Grimshaw.

12:01 The lead generation effort that wasn’t as successful. The Webinar. Did it get people closer to buying?

14:04 “So I’m not going to come out and say webinars are dead. But I do think lead generation for webinars is not as easy as it used to be.” John Grimshaw.

15:28 The strategy on the flip side of Webinars that IS working great.

17:30 A Big promotion is coming up soon at Smart Marketer.

18:51 “How do we really go from being reactive, which I think is the biggest trap that we’ve fallen into in the last couple of years, and go back to being proactive marketers? Because with coronavirus and with iOS 14, we’ve gotten into the habit of pivoting and constantly stepping back and asking, how do I save what I’m doing?”. John Grimshaw

20:44 A tweak that brought the lead cost down further.

21:40 1-day Attribution Match or 7-Day Attribution match?

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