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Money Wants to Move: How to Loosen Up & Enjoy Success Now

Saving money is hard, but so is spending it.

And if you’re the type business owner who feels constricted or anxious about spending money, remember this:

That success you’re chasing? It’s a good idea to experience some of it now.

Not to get too heavy, but my friend and business partner died this past year, and it was a painful reminder that we never know how long we have…

So when it comes to money, it’s my opinion that if you have the resources to enjoy yourself, you should.

Because when you’re well taken care of, you can take better care of your friends, your family and your team.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

I believe that you can only give from your own surplus.

Whether it’s in the form of energy, time, money, etc., unless you build up a surplus of these resources for yourself it’s impossible to share them with anyone else.

That’s why you aren’t doing anybody a favor by working yourself into the ground and leaving energy for your relationships or your health.

But that’s not what the internet tells us, right?

That’s because the mantra in entrepreneur culture is all about “Grind!” and “Sacrifice” and 80-hour work weeks.

But in reality, this mindset will make you burn out and probably lose your business.

I’m not saying you don’t have to work hard; I’m just saying you need to enjoy yourself while you do it.

Here’s a small example of how I do this in my own life:

Remember MTV Cribs?

MTV Cribs was a reality show where you got to look inside celebrities’ houses and see how they spent their money.

I remember watching Lil’ Romeo walk into his kitchen and open up a refrigerator full of every conceivable variety of beverage — beverages that I definitely never saw in my house…

And I would sit there watching Cribs and think, “Man, I will have made it when my fridge is full of beverages.”

It annoys my wife Carrie to this day, but you better believe I fill our fridge full of coconut waters, sparkling waters, kombuchas, and various coffees…

So when I open that door and see all my beverages, I think, “Damn, I really did make it.”

It’s Okay to Loosen Up

So my point is that it’s okay to loosen up a little and spend some money on yourself.

Get a massage once a week. At this level, it’s not going to sink you.

And frankly, what happens if it all ends tomorrow? Were you happy with how you spent the last three months?

Did you have experiences that you enjoyed?
Did you make time for your family and your loved ones?
Did you have fun?

Nobody’s going to do these things for you. You need to do them yourself.

So, what type of person are you: Does money flow easily, or do you try to constrict it?

In my experience, it’s always the people who err on the side of constriction who are the ones not taking care of themselves.

So if you can, I recommend you spend a little money on yourself.

0:11 It’s really good to experience the success you are chasing now
0:39 You can only give from your own surplus
2:24 Be willing to take care of yourself
3:29 Money wants to move

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