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Molly Pittman On Seth Godin, Partnering With Kajabi, Giving Back, and A 4.5 Day Workweek

Molly is BACK, and you’ll hear why she’s been a little quiet lately… in short, she’s been ROCKING IT in real life!

Listen in to get up to speed! We like to think of this as a ‘Stay In The Loop’ episode for our beloved Listeners! You will hear about her interview with Seth Godin, some exciting new Partnerships, Goose-Bump creating ventures, and more. Plus, Molly is beautifully transparent about the hard stuff that she and John Grimshaw have also been navigating.

You will learn:

  • A Counter-Intuitive strategy that’s helping the team at Smart Marketer get more done (and feel happier while doing it)!
  • What Molly and Seth Godin Agree is the FUTURE of Marketing (and whether you stand a chance).
  • The most significant change we’ve seen for Email Marketing in 20 years.

And more!



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00:00 “One girl came up to me and said, before this class I felt like my only options in life were working at McDonald’s or a local factory because my family doesn’t have money for college. And now I’m inspired to go out and start a business or become a digital marketer. And boy that gave me goosebumps!” Molly Pittman.

01:46 Wait – Molly and Seth Godin?

04:18 “If you have a message that a certain group of people are interested in, your business has the chance to succeed. If you’re just looking to make money on the internet, if you’re just looking to blast a message to a very general group of people and hope that they buy your product, we are coming more and more into a time where that is simply not going to work”. Molly Pittman.

05:48 A New Partnership With Kajabi

07:40 A (kind of crazy) Train My Traffic Person enrollment – POST iOS14.

09:08 “It was still a win and our books to be able to exist in this current ecosystem where Facebook is essentially broken in some ways and to still be profitable”. Molly Pittman

10:17 Half Day Fridays?

12:46 “What really matters in life who we spend time with what we invest our energy in. It should not just be business and marketing”. Molly Pittman

13:53 Taking It Back To High School!

17:00 “That was true validation for this idea. And so it’s something we’re going to develop and hopefully something that we can spread nationwide, or even worldwide to any child or student that is interested in digital marketing or online business”. Molly Pittman.

18:05 iOS15, The biggest change we’ve seen for Email Marketing in 20 years: Stay tuned for a free Workshop coming soon.

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