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“Molly In The Hot Seat” With Shruti Shah: What Makes A Smart Marketer In 2023?

Our host Molly Pittman recently had the honor of being a guest on the ScaleUp Community podcast (‘E-Comm Simplified’) with Shruti Shah. Listen now to gain valuable insights, keys to business growth, how to approach leadership and management, the products that have a competitive edge in 2023, and so much more!

“Our powers together combined create something much bigger than we could have done on our own.”
Molly Pittman

You Will Learn:

  • When is it better to outsource marketing to an agency (and when should you get the job done in-house)?
  • Where True Business Growth Comes From.
  • What Consultative Marketing Is – and why you need to be doing it.
  • Why you can be optimistic about the Digital Marketing Industry.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

02:11 Shruti Introduces Molly, and they discuss how she got into the Digital Marketing game.

05:26 “I realized I really just love people and connecting with people, and that’s all marketing is. You know, even on the internet, it’s how can you connect with people and get them interested in a topic, give them value, and ask them to take action?” Molly Pittman

08:22 The Top 3 Characteristics Of A Smart Marketer In 2023

10:38 Why Are Marketers Prone To Burnout?

11:43 You Don’t Have To Be A Founder To Be A Business Owner Or CEO

13:26 What Did Molly Implement When She Came On As A Partner At Smart Marketer?

16:30 How Does Smart Marketer Stand Out And Differentiate In A Competitive Industry?

21:39 What Molly Pittman thinks about the AI buzz.

26:11 The solution to the most significant challenge Smart Marketer has faced post Covid.

31:43 If Molly were to start a new business right now, she would do this.

33:25 “That is the key: How can you create a product that solves a higher level problem than that product usually solves.” Molly Pittman

34:46 “Going Viral” Is Great. But…

36:25 Cross-Channel Integration and Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

38:24 Molly talks about the most effective Leadership Style for online and remote businesses.

40:36 When is it time to outsource marketing to an agency?

41:52 Molly’s Closing Advice (If You’re New To Digital Marketing).

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