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Molly in Forbes! | “The One Critical Facebook Ad Mistake Almost Everyone Makes”

by Molly Pittman

Exciting news: I was just featured in Forbes!

In this article, I talk about the one big mistake I see Facebook advertisers making time and time again.

Why do most ads fail to convert? Because they look like ads!

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to reward ads that generate a lot of social engagement (likes, shares, and comments)…

But people don’t usually engage with ads that look like ads.

So in this article, I give 3 tips to help make your ads blend in with the newsfeed:

1. Don’t Talk About Yourself, Talk About Your Reader
2. Play Up Your Product’s Life Changing Impact
3. Write Ads That Sound Like They Were Written By A Friend, Not A Marketer

I explain each of these tips in the article. Go to Forbes to check it out:

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