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Long Form Page Split Test

Video Highlights:
0:10 When I first got started, the goal was the cram everything above the fold: Not any more!
0:32 Now, we’ve gone mobile and touch
0:50 People scroll on mobile devices
1:20 What’s going to win, long form or short form?
1:38 I use Google Analytics Experiments to run all of my split tests and track all my data
2:40 Interestingly, the conversion rates were almost the exact same
3:08 We see, however, that the average order of the long form is $5 higher
3:45 People consumed more content about the product, and therefore, ordered bigger sizes more often
3:55 Sometimes it’s not about the conversion rate, it’s about how much money you’re making

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Long form page split tests. So this is something to know. So one of the things when I first got started online, the goal was to cram everything above the fold, everything. Put it all above the fold because nobody scrolls. So shorter pages are better. Have that call to action button above the fold, don’t have long pages, have banner sliders so that there’s images that slide and rotate so that people can see more in one little spot. Well we’ve gone mobile. We’ve gone touch. Meaning more of the internet is consumed from touch based devices like iPads and phones, more of the digital world is consumed that way. In fact 70% of digital world is consumed that way so and that changes the way people consume.

People scroll on touch based devices in a way that they didn’t scroll on desktops and so with that being the case we thought well maybe you no longer form pages right Instagram, never ending scrolling. Facebook, never ending scrolling, so maybe long pages aren’t a bad thing. This is what our pages looked like, really short right, all above the fold. So we ran a split test to see what happens if we add long form content to this page and have long form left right design like apples and here’s what the page looks like now, like this. So what’s going to win? This. Well now this has zoomed out again but because this.. obviously this page won but it was like this or this?

And let’s take a look at it. So I use Google Analytics experiments to run all of my split tests and in fact to track all of my data for everything. Everything goes into Google Analytics and I highly recommend that you do that because it’s then you have one place that has all of your data. You’re not going through multiple dashboards and things. So I love Google Analytics and it tracks all of our reporting and all of our everything. We use it for everything. So I love the experiments here. It’s essentially visual website optimizer, Optimizely, all these split testing software but it all just exists right inside of Google Analytics here which is great.

Now the downside is you have to actually create the pages right, so I had to create a page like this, I had to create a page like this and put them into Google Analytics whereas with visual website optimizer you can actually modify a page and then you can do fancy stuff but if you’re willing to create your own pages then it’s good, so original was the short version and the variation was the long version. Now you can see they both had about a 1000 visits, about 100 transactions on each one and interestingly the conversion rate was quite literally the exact same 9.69 and 9.68, so I don’t know if you can see that. It might be a little too small but basically, I’ll zoom in here a little bit. Now the conversion rate was the exact same. Now you might think okay, well the longer form page doesn’t help us at all.

Well when we look over here at the e-commerce stats we see a very different picture. What we see is that the longer form page had the same conversion rate but the average order value is five dollars higher which has our per session value be nearly 50 cents higher, 50 cents more per visitor, five dollars more per order on this longer form page. The only thing we changed was adding long form left right content, Apple style right? Image, headline, bullet points, headline, bullet points, image, add to cart buttons down the bottom, now what happened interestingly is people consumed more content about the product and therefore ordered bigger sizes more often. So really, really fascinating that sometimes it’s not about the conversion rate, sometimes it’s about how much money are you making. This one actually converted a little bit worse by a 100th of a percent but it produced far more money, $8000 instead of $6700 for essentially the same amount of traffic. So that’s kind of cool for you guys to know about that.

Now Steve Westmoreland wants to know exactly how we’re using Google Analytics. That will be in the One Stop Shop course. Setting up Google Analytics is a whole thing and the training is included in the one stop shop course and sometime after the course we might pull that out and stick it in the community but for now it’s for that particular course. But there’s so many… I mean there’s just a ton of resources on YouTube for Google Analytics stuff.

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