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Learn How to Hire & Train Employees to Scale Your Ecommerce Business

by Ezra Firestone

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Eventually, scale has to come from outside yourself.

Business owners often get caught up in micromanaging and trying to run every part of the operation themselves…

And many entrepreneurs never learn how to properly hire and train employees, delegate responsibility, or manage processes that are larger than themselves.

In this video, I talk with Jeff Lieber of TurnKey Product Management about how to hire, train and support new employees to scale your business.

Want to scale? Invest in your team.

Here’s a simplified guide I like to use as a reference for scaling online businesses:

    • 1-3 people with contractors can build a multi-$100,000 per year business.
    • 1-6 people with contractors can build a multi-$1,000,000 per year business.
    • 6-10 people with contractors can build an $10,000,000+ per year business.

In other words, the more help you get, the more you are able to do. And here’s the great thing about buying help:

Help will get better over time!

This is such an important thing for business owners to understand. Here’s the mental framework that I recommend you use when thinking about hiring:

As the business owner, I’m going to buy help for my business at [X] price for [Y] hours per week. Then I am going to invest in this help so that it’s worth more in 3 months than it is today.

An Example From My Own Business

Before Laura Palladino became the Social Media Director for my ecommerce brand, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, she worked at a restaurant. Like most millennials, she grew up with technology, but she never worked in digital before she started working with me.

When I hired Laura I told her that within 3 years I wanted her to be the best social media manager in the world.
Here’s what we agreed to do together to get her there:

    • The business would pay for her to complete [X] amount of courses.
    • She would spend 4 hours every week reading relevant blog posts.
    • The business would pay for her to attend major industry events each year.
    • She and I would meet once a week to talk about what she learned and how we could apply it to the business.

We agreed on her trajectory, the business invested in her education, and then I gave her the ability to cut her teeth on our business.

Today she’s not only a social media superstar, she’s also teaching courses for Smart Marketer and getting invited to speak at premier social media events.

Help Gets Better Over Time

Most business owners don’t use this framework when they think about buying help.

When you invest in an employee’s education, their help becomes more valuable because of that investment. Overtime, the compounding effect on the help you’re buying will give you unbelievable returns.

The amount of value you get from one person working eight hours a day who has the resources and assistance to continue improving their skill set is amazing.

So I always try to get business owners to look at hiring in this way: The 20 hours of help you buy in week 1 will be worth 6 times its value by week 12.

So… Who Should I Hire First?

One of the traps that do-it-yourself entrepreneurs fall into is that they get caught up in the technical aspect of running a business.

They end up losing a ton of time managing the technology of the business, including the:

    • Amazon listings
    • Shopify backend
    • Sponsored search
    • Customer support
    • Google Analytics
    • Klaviyo backend
    • Inventory management
    • Facebook pixels
    • etc…

Figuring out how to get these platforms to talk to each other can suck up all your time as a business owner. I recommend you hire and train someone early to run all these systems for you.

You can still make decisions and be involved, but you won’t have to spend time managing the technological infrastructure that is your business.

It takes a while to fully delegate this job, but once you do there’s so much freedom and opportunity to do the higher-level work that’s far more valuable to the business.


The 90-Day Business Scaling Framework

Watch as growth expert Ezra Firestone breaks down the 3 key principles he uses to scale businesses of any size, including his detailed plan for 2X-ing the value of his newly acquired brand.

Whether you’re currently a team of 1 or 1,000, this framework will give you a repeatable process for scaling to 8 figures and beyond.

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