Behind the Scenes

Last day In Sydney

by Ezra Firestone

Last Day in Sydney
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Hey, Ezra here, and I’m on my last day in Sydney Australia. I’m actually on James Schramko’s lawn shooting this video because it’s the quietest place to do it but he doesn’t know I’m here so we won’t tell him.

I want to share with you the big takeaway for me from this three week experience and that is to do less in my business; to really focus on that 80/20 rule. Because as I look at it 80% of my results come from 20% of the work I do. and as I look at all my students and coaching clients businesses there is usually one or two things that are really working for them. So what are those one or two things for you? That’s what you should really be focussing on. Focus on maximizing those instead of supplementing other things. So do less and focus more on what’s already working and I’ll see you in the next video! This is Ezra Firestone for