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Join Me at the Advertising Summit (AdSum) 2018: Great Content, Networking & Service Providers


I’m a big believer in events.

They’re an opportunity to break routines, escape distractions and focus your attention on growth.

That’s why I share the events I’m speaking at and pick out the ones I think can benefit you the most…

And October 14 – 16 I’ll be speaking at AdSum in Scottsdale, AZ, an event that connects ecommerce sellers with vetted, cost-effective service providers that can help them grow faster.

(It can take years of trial and error to figure this stuff out on your own.)

In this video I talk with Adsum Founder Nate Lind about what makes this event unique and why you should consider attending, including:

  • How service providers can help you scale rapidly
  • What you can learn from 100s of 8- & 9-figure sellers
  • Where to get discounted tickets (Ends 9/21)

What Makes AdSum Unique?

The idea is to connect your business with vetted, cost-effective service providers and other successful retailers than can help you grow faster…

(Without needing to do every bit of work yourself.)

But this is NOT an event for affiliate marketers or agencies…

The core audience for AdSum is the actual ecommerce retailers, and there’s going to be 600 – 700 of them to network with.

Who’s Going to be There?

You will be sitting in a room bursting with $1M to $10M dollar business owners (and even some doing $100M – $300M).

Last year, of the 450 attendees:

  • 81% had businesses with $1M in revenue or more
  • 49% had businesses with $10M in revenue or more

And this year Nate is projecting an attendance of 600-800 people.

These are folks you can network with and learn from, so you can copy their paths to success.

No other event I know of is bringing so many high-level ecommerce sellers together.

How to Get Discounted Tickets

If you’re interested in joining me this October for AdSum, Nate is offering discounted tickets to the Smart Marketer community through September 21.

Use this link to buy tickets, or visit the event page to learn more here:

Learn More

1:50 In life, the things you put attention on grow
3:30 Adsum is the ultimate event for online retail
4:38 The event will have somewhere between 600 and 800 attendees
5:36 Service providers will also be attending the event
10:08 Retailers are the core audience for this event

Click Here For Video Transcript

Ezra: Nate Lind, ladies and gentlemen. Definitely, win the award for fancier office.

Nate: It’s not so fancy. I just got some cool stuff on the walls.

Ezra: It’s pretty awesome. You know, I just moved into this house, my wife and I bought 76 acres of land around here and we moved in and like the office…this house is like formerly owned by a lawyer and it’s so presidential. I mean, you can’t really see it. It’s just like cabinets everywhere, it kind of freaks me out, so I’m like, trying to like, you know, putting plants up and I got skateboards. I’m trying to like, you know, make it more my energy in here than just like, wooden cabinets, you know.

Nate: Yeah. I was inspired this weekend. I had all my stuff in boxes, all the walls were totally bear, and I was up until like 2:00 in the morning, like Sunday night, Monday morning and I’m just… I’m putting up, you know, gets you know, Heavy Metal, vinyl, I’ve got, you know, Conan, Star Wars, all my action figures and stuff and just…

Ezra: Yeah, it feels good to be surrounded by things that remind you of your identity and like who you are and where, you know…how you got to…I think it’s fun, I’m all about it. Can’t see but I have all bunch of stuff that’s like, pogs that are really big that I got in Hawaii when I was growing up as a kid. I went to elementary school and stuff in Hawaiian and pogs were a thing.

Anyways, we are recording and this is part of the show. So, I wanna get into the point of this, which is I am a big believer in live events. I’m a big believer in stepping out of the routine and stimulation of your daily life and stepping into a place where you can put a couple of days of attention and energy on growing your business. Because I think that, you know, in life, the things that you put attention on grow and the things that you ignore go away. Like if you put attention on your health, it gets better if you ignore it, it gets worse. And so, when there are the opportunities for events where you can fully focus, like you don’t have…you’re not taking out the trash and caring for the kids and cleaning the dogs’, you know, pen or cat’s litter box, in my case, you really just are fully focused. You can see major leaps forward. And this has always been my experience of live events.

Now, you have an event coming up that you’ve invited me to speak at, that I’m super excited about, because it’s like it’s a new community, a new stage. And what I like about it is who you’ve curated and why you’ve curated them, because when you’re gonna go to an event, obviously the people there matter. So tell me about it.

Nate: Yeah, absolutely. So, ADSUM is the event I wish I had when I first became an online retailer. What I wanted to do was surround myself with a community of other successful online retailers, ecommerce entrepreneurs, and also be around the services that support my success. But specifically, the ones that are vetted, they are reputable, you know, they’re cost effective and they’re just, you know, great companies to work with. Because so many of us, I think, as we start in our entrepreneurial journey, we can get quickly overcome with how much work it takes to just get it up and going. And I’ve been a model for success, outsourcing a lot of the major functions within my business and then strategically bringing in and testing and trying stuff in-house. And there’s just some huge functions out there that I think are obstacles for so many entrepreneurs when they get started.

So, we are, in my opinion, the ultimate event for online retail specifically for retailers that are in that $100,000 to $100 million range and about 81% of our attendees last year sell a million dollars or more, and 49% of all of our attendees sell 10 million or more. So, for someone who’s getting started, this is a great place to go because you’re literally sitting next to, you know, million dollar companies, $10 million companies, you know, up to $100 million and we’ve even got some big boys that are in that $100 million to $300 million range and we love them to death because they’ve got so much information.

Ezra: Wow. So, tell me about…That’s amazing by the way when you can a curate community of extremely successful people because obviously, you know, it’s fun to hang out with people who are where you are or ahead of you, so they can kind of show you the path they’ve taken, it’s kind of the philosophy behind our Blue Ribbon mastermind product. It’s like, “Hey, if you’re a high earner, join this mastermind because it’s with other high earners and we can all support each other.” How many people are coming to this thing?

Nate: So, we had 450 last year. We’ve got a larger venue, we’ll have probably somewhere between 600 to 800. Yup.

Ezra: I mean, that range. That’s incredible, man. That’s so many people.

Nate: It’s awesome. We’ve got more Two Comma Club income earners, then Russell Brunson.

Ezra: Is that Russel Brunson?

Nate: So, we had 364 of them with us last year. And so, we’ve got a very affluent group. And the core of it has very much been around using paid media, whether that be affiliates, or doing internal, you know, Facebook ads, and there’s such a scale that these online retail companies can grow in such a speed at which they can go from nothing to millions by leveraging the power of the internet and paid media and affiliates. And that’s really kind of been our core group.

Ezra: And you mentioned that there will also be service providers, so people who run ads agencies, Facebook ads agencies, YouTube agencies. Like what kind of service providers are available here? People who support businesses at scale, I assume.

Nate: Yeah, absolutely. So, some of the big ones are customer service companies, whether it be inbound or outbound. You need to be able to take and put your customer first, right? You’ll need to be able to communicate with them, service any challenges or issues they may have. You also wanna be able to reach out to them, you know. If they came to your website and they abandoned the cart and they didn’t, you know, complete the checkout process, we’ve got companies that they will, on your behalf, call out to them and talk to them about, “Okay. Well, you know, we saw that you were looking for this?”

Ezra: Abandoned cart phone calls.

Nate: Abandoned cart phone calls. Absolutely, yeah. That’s a huge piece. That’s a moneymaker. It’s just you’re picking up a pile of money and most of these companies, you can pay them on performance so you’re under no obligation to pay them, like they have to make sales, they have to make it rain. So, that’s one area. Fulfillment and manufacturing companies. You need to make sure that you’ve got a good quality product and that your products are getting to them quickly.

So, those are, you know, a number of companies that sponsor with us that I’ve had great relationships with over the years. Many of which I’ve used for my own business too. So, you know, I can talk, you know, very intellectually about, you know, which ones we’ve used for different types of products and how the shipping of those products under a pound, you know, can get to coast to coast from Denver, for instance in, you know, 1.4 days versus if you have, you know, fulfillment that’s set up on East Coast and West Coast and some of the pros and cons of that. And these fulfillment companies, they know me and they know the depth of which I like to get into this type of conversations. And they’re prepared to have this type of, you know, in-depth detailed conversations with any store owners. So that’s another piece and then…

Ezra: That’s super cool, man. I’m a big fan of keeping things tight. So, before we…I have some more questions for you, but can we get to the pitch like, okay, so let me pitch your event for you real quick.

Nate: Okay.

Ezra: You’re watching this video. You are a subscriber and a follower of mine, which I super appreciate. Thank you for, you know, engaging with my content and I’m gonna be there. I’m gonna be speaking, I’m very much looking forward to it. It is in Arizona. Dates, I don’t know, October…

Nate: Yup, so October 14th, the night of October 14th. And all day on the 15th and 16th. We start with a Wild West party. I’ll literally have a movie set.

Ezra: I get to wear like a hat and a mustache.

Nate: Absolutely, a hat. You’ve already got the mustache and the beard going and, you know…

Ezra: And some chops. What was that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio where he was shooting people?

Nate: Jeez. He’s been in a couple of them.

Ezra: There’s the one where he’s the guy, man. It’s like the…

Nate: Oh, yeah, yeah: It’s not the recent Quentin Tarantino one, is it, where he’s like the plantation like jerk?

Ezra: No, it’s not that one although he maybe was in that one. That was “Django” and that was Jamie Foxx.

Nate: Yeah, yeah.

Ezra: Anyways, there’s an old one it’s good. So, it’ll be like that. If you want.

Nate: Yeah. Absolutely.

Ezra: So how can they get tickets? I mean, I’ll put a link under this video and…

Nate: Yeah, so it’s, It’s short for Advertiser Summit. That’s what I called myself when I first got started. I used to go to affiliate marketing events and you’re either a network, an affiliate or an advertiser. And I thought because I liked the network that I was a network but that’s not the case. The networks actually, the individuals that are brokering traffic.

Ezra: Right on. Yeah, I find a lot of people who come from that affiliate CPA world have a very good grasp on running commerce at scale because they know the advertising side and the sales funnel side and then once they get supply chain support and ongoing engagement down, which are kind of like the traditional ecommerce sides, it makes a really nice combination. I actually have a CPA background as well.

Cool. So for my audience who are I would say, 30% under $100,000 a year and about 70% multi-hundred thousand/multimillions/eight-nine figure companies in that range. So, anything else that you wanna say about this event and why they should come?

Nate: Well, I think if it’s…if you have a true desire to sell physical products online that I look at ADSUM as the ultimate event where you can connect with people that are doing the same thing. That’s the core audience. This isn’t just an affiliate marketing event where the affiliates are the core audience. This is the retailer that we’re talking about is the core audience. And you also want to find ways that you can grow rapidly without having to do every darn piece of work yourself. If you want to leverage the service providers out there who can really help you scale and help you grow., this is the perfect place for you to come for that success.

Ezra: Right on., Scottsdale, Arizona, October 14 through 16. I’ll be there. Anyone else that people might know who will be there?

Nate: Yeah, we’ll have some of the guys from Digital Marketer. So, Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier. We’ll have Ryan Moran, as well, to talk a little bit about, you know, some of the stuff that he’s been up to in the last several years. They’ll have a chance to learn a little bit about my story as well. My first online brand was a supplement business. It started in 2012. We grew from nothing to $4.6 million in one year in gross sales and then all the challenges, and breakdowns and, you know, head smashing that I had learning through all the mistakes that one could have made. That was my story.

Ezra: Right. Cool. And I’m sure there’s some people who are not quite as famous, internet famous, who are doing really cool stuff will be presenting as well. So I’m very much looking forward to it. Thank you for inviting me and thank you for coming on my video here and just telling us a little bit about ADSUM and I look forward to hanging out with you there and I’m sure that some folks from my community will be joining us. So those of you who are watching this who are gonna come, let’s hang out.

Nate: That sounds great. I appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing everybody.

Ezra: All right.

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