Interview: Sales Expert Jarrod Glandt of Cardone Enterprises

by Ezra Firestone

Jarrod Glandt is the Vice President of Sales* at Cardone Enterprises and the co-host of the Young Hustlers Podcast. In this interview, we talk about:

• Jarrod’s #1 tip to help business owners get more out of their negotiations (with vendors, shippers, etc.)

• What it’s like to manage a massive team, and how he keeps his employees inspired by focusing on their goals

• Why Cardone Enterprises believes in taking action fast

• How Jarrod started from a low position and shot all the way up to Vice President of Sales*

• What it was like putting on a marketing event for over 34,000 people! (The biggest I’ve ever heard of)

*Jarrod was recently promoted to President of Cardone Enterprises. Congrats, Jarrod!