Smart Marketer Podcast

In It For The Money? A Must-Listen Guide For Marketers, With Jason Portnoy and Molly Pittman

by Molly Pittman

In this episode, Molly Pittman and Jason Portnoy talk as friends about the Digital Marketing Industry (the good, the bad, and the ugly). You’ll also hear their keys to building personal and professional relationships, and Jason also shares what he believes is the secret to his success.

You Will Learn:

  • The Underlying Opportunity In Marketing (that makes it so awesome)
  • Why you need to care (about your client, the end user, and your client results)
  • When it’s okay to be ‘in it for the money.’

And More…



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Time Stamps:

02:44 Jason Portnoy shares his back story.

09:26 Molly asks, What Does Marketing Mean To You?

12:37 An Underlying Opportunity In Marketing (that makes it so awesome)

14:33 How could we (as an Industry) do better?

16:09 ROI is not all about Traffic. It’s a Partnership.

20:43 If you’re a young agency owner out there…

23:39 “This should be about truth, guys. Only promise things you know you can deliver”. Molly Pittman.

24:45 Molly asks Jason, Why are you doing this?

28:21 In it for the money?

31:17 How did Molly get where she is today?

32:31 The Key To Building Relationships (Professional and Personal)

34:37 “I’m very, very persistent in what I want. I think a lot of people give up way too easily or are even scared to start, or they get a no and then shy away. (For me) No Good, no relationship, has ever come from an instantaneous Yes”.

41:50 If you want to work with Jason Portnoy.