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How To Win On YouTube, Google Search & Google Shopping, With Brett Curry (Part 1).

by Ezra Firestone

Are you looking to diversify your content with Google & YouTube? Are you excited, interested, curious, or a little nervous about dipping your Digital Marketing toes into anything other than Facebook? Maybe you’re already swimming in those waters, but you want to see better results?

Well, do we have an episode for you! John Grimshaw talks with Brad Curry, CEO of the award-winning OMG Commerce and one of YouTube’s biggest spenders! You’ve probably seen Ads from many of his clients, including True Earth, Native, True Beard, and more.

Listen today to learn how to position yourself for success right now (Fall 2021) into Q4 and beyond! Listen for some tips, strategies, and tactics to help you level up on You Tube and Google too. Be sure to hit SUBSRIBE or FOLLOW on ApplePodcasts so that you don’t miss Part 2.

You will learn:

  • How iOS14 impacted Google and YouTube Advertising.
  • How to improve your Creatives for YouTube success.
  • How to lower your CPAs…

And more!

“Simple storytelling, connecting with the audience, moving them to take action. That is what’s working right now and also what will always work when it comes to YouTube.” Brett Curry


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00:00 “Simple storytelling, connecting with the audience, moving them to take action. That is what’s working right now and also what will always work when it comes to YouTube.” Brett Curry

02:17 A little Background from Brett.

02:42 “I still believe this is one of the best times to diversify and get started on YouTube and Google ads. And if that’s new to you, I’m going to help you get started in the right way. But if you’re already advertising on Google and YouTube, I’m going to give you some nuggets, some tips, some strategies, and some tactics to really help you level up”. Brett Curry.

05:43 A Look At YouTube Ad Spend Across the OMG Commerce Portfolio

07:48 “So the costs we see right now are pretty similar to what we saw pre-COVID. So, the cost structure isn’t the issue right now on YouTube.” Brett Curry.

09:24 What about Google Search and Google Shopping?

10:34 How do we win? Three Key Strategies.

12:10 “The overall spend on YouTube for most clients, is like 85% top of the funnel and 15% bottom of the funnel”. Brett Curry.

12:45 Creatives That Move and Connect.

14:58 “Direct response worked before any iOS, right? Before the iPhone was invented. And of course, before iOS14 was implemented.” Brett Curry.

15:54 What’s working for YouTube advertisers right now?

18:18 Some of their clients are having huge success running their Hero Video in conjunction with a lower-budget video.

20:14 “That combination of hero video with the simpler video approach kind of gives authenticity. But the cool thing is you can start with the lower-budget videos and just lean into authenticity. You can start that right away and see some good results”. Brett Curry.

21:00 What will always work for YouTube: Simple storytelling, connecting with the audience, and moving them to take action.

21:29 How do we lower CPAs by 15-25%?

25:31 Getting Started On YouTube Is Sometimes The Tricky Part: A free resource.

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