Smart Marketer Podcast

How To (Successfully) Start A Business With $1000

by Heather Farrat

What would you do if you had a thousand dollars to start a brand new business from scratch (with the goal of scaling it)? Molly and John have given this some thought, presenting completely different ideas in today’s episode. Listen for their reasoning, strategy, and the marketing insights that shape their ideas. Which one wins? DM them on Instagram.

You Will Learn:

  • A Product you should never sell
  • Is affiliate marketing still worth considering?
  • The advantage of starting a local business (when you only have $1000 to spend)
  • The power of Facebook Advertising in a local market


And More…




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Time Stamps:

01:34 Let’s Dive In

04:54 John pitches his Business idea

11:32 OG’s in the Digital Marketing Space often started out as Affiliate Marketers

13:02 “We are always better marketers when we are the avatar, or at least when we know someone who is”. Molly Pittman

13:27 Molly Pitches her (Surprising) Business idea

21:46 A more fulfilling path than an online business?