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How To Scale Your Facebook Ad Accounts Up To $20K Per Day (With Pepijn Hufen)

If you have a business with a front-end offer going (or you run Ads for one), this episode is really going to help you. Why? Because the way to scale Ad accounts on Facebook has changed dramatically in the last year. We have the CEO of The Smart Marketer Agency (Pepijn Hufen) here to share with you what we do, how we do it, and why we do it so that you can apply it to your brand(s). So grab a pen and glean all the insights you can as Pep discusses two 2022 case studies: A low ticket info business and an E-Comm brand.
You Will Hear:

  • How to determine whether a campaign is working (and when it’s ready to scale).
  • Six different scaling tactics you can try (and combine) to scale your campaigns up.
  • Why the Agency mostly scales horizontally (and with ABO campaigns).

And More…



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01.00 Why Listen Today?

02:17 Let’s Dive In.

05:15 When Is The Time To ‘Scale Up’?

07:18 Helpful Benchmarks For Your Advertising Cost Of Sales (ACOS)

12:19 The Halo Effect.

“So it’s important to note that if something is working for you, do not make drastic changes to it. Right? Do not change a winning game”. Pepijn Hufen.

13:05 Set Your North Star

14:30 Only Now Are You Ready To Scale Up Your Account

18:36 It’s A Balancing Act

“But the goal is to basically have the highest daily budget possible while hitting the ‘North Star’ metric that we’ve determined with the client.” Pepijn Hufen.

19:06 Horizontal Scaling

22:01 What’s The Ideal Audience Size?

23:18 Different Ads.

25:57 Different Avatars.

“You have to be a detective. There are often signals already being given to you (by your audience) that you just have to pick up on – rather than being more creative and coming up with a customer avatar. It’s very often right in front of you”. Pepijn Hufen.

29:50 Different Offers.

32:00 The PreSale Article.

36:12 Different Geographical Areas.

37:16 Pep’s Recap.

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