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How To Override Your Stress Levels (And Improve Your Health and Happiness).

by Ezra Firestone

As digital marketers, online entrepreneurs (and let’s face it, humans) who take daily risks and have a lot going on, Stress is something that we all deal with. In this episode, Molly and John get practical and dive into their strategies for handling Stress. If you want to feel better and ultimately be more successful, listen for the quick tips that Molly and John each rely on to shake the stress from their bodies and minds.

You will learn:

  • That you can actually reframe the way your body and brain approaches things.
  • Stress can sometimes be good for you.
  • How to dial back the endocrine systems that are releasing stress hormones in your body.



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0:00 “Happiness is not a fixed resource. Happiness is something you can change and adjust as you see fit”. John Grimshaw

1:35 Molly Pittman gets personal about her stress levels.
4:41 A Grandmother’s Advice.

5:16 Four Quick Tips From Molly.

12:20 John shares about the impact of Stress on his journey so far.

13:28 Two kinds of Stress (only one is bad for you).
16:06 How to dial back the endocrine systems that are releasing stress hormones in your body.
16:53 Practice Intentional Breathing.

18:57 “When you transfer (these sources of stress) from your brains’ database to a piece of paper, you unload them from your brain, and it has space again, to have ideas and solve problems.” John Grimshaw.
19:07 What to do when Stress is affecting your sleep.

19:39 John’s “Do, Delegate, Delete” mental model.

21:09 The win-win of exercise.

24:19 “Practicing gratitude is one of those things that you wouldn’t guess it, but it’s like going in and tinkering with your brain, very slowly.” John Grimshaw.

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