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How to Improve Work-Life Balance

Are you investing in yourself and the relationships around you? Tune in as our favorite hosts, Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw, welcome Ezra Firestone (SM / Zipify / BOOM! By Cindy Joseph) back to the podcast to discuss how to take care of yourself outside of work and why it ultimately impacts your success. Ezra believes the number #1 cause of failure for entrepreneurs is burnout due to poor work-life balance, and we’d hate to see that happen to you. That’s why we’re here to help! #NotBusiness.

Guest Intro/Links:

Ezra Firestone

If you ask him, Ezra will tell you he’s more of an expert in interpersonal communication over his expertise in running a business. When he says “Serve the World Unselfishly and Profit”, it’s much more than a tagline or slogan, it’s actually a lifestyle. To further his cause, he’s built strong relationships along the way, almost none more important than the relationship with himself. In his journey to understand how to be happier with work and life, he discovered that the structure he applies to his life and the environment around him play a huge factor in his success.


You’ll Learn:

    • How your environment can affect your overall success
    • Why relationships are the most important investment you can make
    • About Ultradian Rhythm
    • Why John & Molly Decided To Join Smart Marketer
    • Coping methods for the workday
    • Ezra’s daily routine

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