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How to Have More Money

Video Highlights
0:15 We are all interested in more money
0:30 What is your capacity to have?
0:45 Different people are able to have different things
1:15 85% of all lottery winners are broke within 5 years
2:00 You can increase your capacity have by putting your intention that area
2:25 To have a greater capacity for money you can do anonymous good
3:05 When something bad happens you blame someone
3:30 Anonymous good creates positive energy with no specific direction attached to it
4:10 Do some anonymous good deeds!

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Hey everyone and welcome. Ezra Firestone here and, in this video, we’re talking about your capacity to have. Now, the only reason that we’re all doing online marketing and we’re all starting internet businesses and eCommerce stores is because we’d like to have more money in our lives. So, before we begin this course, I’d like to cover this concept with you guys. And it may be a bit out there for some, a bit airy fairy, but it’s really important and it’s really effective. So, let’s go through it right now.

So, what is your capacity to have? Well, it’s a description and it’s not a concept, right? It’s the phenomenon of a person’s ability to have or not have things. So, let’s take Donald Trump as an example. He has a very large capacity to have money in his life, but he’s got a low capacity for long term relationships. I think he’s on his seventh marriage or something. So, everyone has the ability to have certain things. Like me, for example. I have the ability to have electronics. These things just pile up around me. I win them in competitions, I win prizes and I buy electronics. Just anywhere that I go, I’ve got a bunch of gadgets with me and that’s just something that I can have a lot of. And by understanding this concept, you can increase your capacity to have in any area and, specifically, in the financial realm, which is what we’re all after here.

So, another example of the capacity to have is that 85% of all multi-million dollar lottery winners are broke within five years. And it’s not that they’re all screwed up in some way, it’s just a reflection of their capacity to have money. These are people who can’t have money, so, even when they’re given money, they can’t hold on to it. It’s like the analogy of a pitcher and a shot glass. If you pour water into a pitcher, that pitcher is going to be able hold a lot more than if you pour it into the shot glass, right? The shot glass is eventually going to spill over because it just can’t hold as much.

So, what we want to do is increase our capacity to have in the realm of money. We want to be the pitcher when it comes to money. So, your capacity to have, right? Your capacity to have money. Well, everyone has a certain level that they can have. And you can increase your capacity to have in any area if you put your attention on it. And the way to increase your capacity to have money is to do anonymous good. So, what is anonymous good? Well, anonymous good is a good deed that you don’t take any credit for. You see, most of the good deeds that we do are actually a form of barter, intentionally or unintentionally. You rake your neighbor’s yard, you pay for a friend’s dinner. And you’re receiving credit for that action, in as much as the person that you’re doing it for knows that you’ve done it.

Now, I’m not saying to stop doing nice things for people and stop doing good deeds, but I’m just saying that those good deeds that people know about, that you get credit for, won’t increase your capacity to have money. Only things done 100% anonymously will. And here’s why. If you have siblings or house mates, you’ll identify with this example. So, you come home and you find out that $5 is missing from your room or your sandwich that you had in the fridge is missing. What happens next? What do you do when you find that out? You start to blame people, right? You think “Oh Johnny, I knew he was a thief,” or “I knew he was eyeing my sandwich.” You start thinking about who took it and why they would’ve done that, and you start placing this blame.

Well, when you do anonymous good, the opposite of this happens. An anonymous good deed creates a bunch of good energy put out into the world with no specific direction attached to it, no one accepting credit for it. So, you leave someone roses and they don’t know who left them those flowers and they go about the rest of their days, next couple of weeks, wondering who it was, putting a bunch of good energy out into the world, blaming the good on people. And this subconsciously gives you permission to have more in your life. And I know it sounds a bit weird and a bit out there but try it out. Try doing some anonymous good in your life. Try doing something good for other people and having no one know that you did it. It works really well. So, increase your capacity to have money by doing anonymous good. So, go out and do that and I’ll see you in the next video.

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