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How To Compete When Ad Costs Are High, With Mari Connor

This episode is your (Complimentary) window into a Team Traffic call with Molly Pittman and special guest Mari Connor. Mari (of Marigold Marketing Group) turns rickety FB Ad Campaigns (That Bleed Money) Into Scalable Campaigns That Make Money!

Sounds good, right? Tune in for expert advice and solid strategies that will help you battle your way through Q4 in 2021!

You will learn:

  • The danger of blaming all your problems on the iOS update!
  • How to thrive (and not just survive) with Profit Maximizers.
  • Why you should be investing in Affiliate relationships.

And more!



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00:00 “Let’s spend 80% of our efforts on what is working and keeping that going and improving it where we can. And only 20% of our efforts on testing something new. Not just throwing the Dominos up in the air every time something work.” Mari Connor.

00:46 Molly Introduces Mari Connor

02:03 “The entrepreneur journey, For everybody, for you, for me, for Ezra, it’s a rollercoaster. It’s ups and downs. That’s part of the deal”. Mari Connor.

03:00 Mari describes how she found herself in Marketing!

05:26 “I’m totally like an accidental marketer. Like it was not on purpose. I was just following my interests along the way”. Mari Connor

09:27 Mari shares what they’ve experienced and learned with the iOS Update.

09:55 “There are so many other variables, and it’s important to understand that because you have to know what’s broken before you go about fixing it” Molly Pittman.

12:02 A Shift In Consumer Behavior.

12:55 Mari’s Strategy.

15:55 Molly’s Advice For Q4.

16:24 “That is how you stay competitive, right? Like we are thousands, millions of advertisers in this little war zone, being competitive. Like that’s how this works. And as Ryan Deiss says, ‘he or she who is willing and able to spend more to acquire a customer will always win.’ And that will always be true”. Molly Pittman

18:40 Invest In Affiliate Relationships.

21:03 “There’s no one quick fix. It so depends on the business, the current tech, whether you’re under-reporting over-reporting. Still, everything goes back to using a tool or a manual process that cross-references what’s in ads manager into your CRM”. Molly Pittman.

22:10 More on Profit Maximizers.

24:55 Platform Diversification

25:56 Keep doing what is working.

28:24 “There is no one way to do all of this. There is never a guarantee. The people that are good at it, we don’t have some sort of magic wand. We’re just willing not to give up! To keep digging at it”. Molly Pittman

33:47 A Nice E-Commerce Cash Infusion.

38:55 Mari talks with Molly about what’s working for her agency clients.
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