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How Smart Marketers are Adapting to iOS 14 (Part 1)

By Smart Marketer | January 25, 2020

Apple’s iOS 14 changes everything for marketers. In part 1 of this 2-part segment of #WeOutHere, our hosts Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw talk about how iOS 14 is transforming Facebook advertising forever. They discuss the Big Tech cold war driving this change, why 30% or more of your audience will be affected, and (most importantly) some of the key strategies you’ll need to survive this upheaval.

You Will Learn:

    • Why you shouldn’t hit the panic button
    • What you can do to be prepared (now and in the future)
    • Why the iOS 14 update is a win-win for Apple
    • Is Facebook still valuable for marketers?

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1:17 What the iOS 14 update means for marketers, and why you shouldn’t be worried.

2:03 How this all started in 2017 with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).

3:34 Do you know how long cookie data remains available? What about organic traffic? John gives us the numbers.

4:55 Missing Pieces — We’ve been using micro-events to track customer behavior. That’s changing…

6:53 Why Apple positioning themselves as the “Privacy” company is a win-win situation.

8:18 Is Apple killing the free web? Here’s why some people think so.

9:39 A Pair Of Problems — Molly shares her two concerns about the iOS 14 update.

11:26 Event tracking taking a hit, but here’s the data that won’t go away.

14:38 Will we need a different system to collect supplemental data? Should we still be making decisions from within Facebook Ads Manager?

15:29 The 2 sections we divide our ads into (taken from Train My Traffic Person).

18:40 Yes, Facebook optimization might not be as reliable. We need to go back to the basics.

20:28 Media Buying — Our entire philosophy behind media buying is changing. Find out what we’re doing in our free bootcamp. (

22:05 Thanks for listening!

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