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How I Accidentally (Kinda) Started An Animal Shelter, With Molly Pittman

by Ezra Firestone

Amid this insanely busy week of the year (Thanksgiving/Black Friday), we are taking a ‘Not Business’ moment to step back and share some exciting (and compelling) developments in the personal life of our host, Molly Pittman.

Listen in to hear 1) How Molly’s life-long dreams are unfolding and 2) How she and her partner are making room to make a difference.

Plus, you will learn:

  • How Molly knew it was the right time to launch.
  • How you can help.



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00:00 “I realized I can do this, and I should do this, and there’s no better time than now.This was something that I was maybe going to do a year in the future – but I really felt like this message was assigned from the universe. Like Molly, the time is now.” Molly Pittman.

01:04 Molly has a story to tell…

03:49 An epidemic in Central Kentucky?

09:12 How are they adjusting to the demands of this new endeavor?

10:18 “Because of this really terrible situation here in central Kentucky, we at Smart Marketer actually decided to donate 10% of our black Friday sales this year.” Molly

10:45 How you can get involved.

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