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I want to share what I’m doing to manage this crisis both emotionally and in my business, and offer you a few things you can do to support yourself and your employees right now.

Let’s start by acknowledging that fear, panic, anxiety and intensity are all appropriate responses, and it’s okay to be feeling these emotions.

The insecurity of this moment is scary — especially for business owners who have employees to protect…

But you don’t want to operate from that place.

When things don’t go as planned our compulsion is to lash out, act too quickly and make rash decisions.

However, my experience in times of unexpected challenges has been that it’s far better to:

    • Slow down
    • Deliberate more
    • Seek council

And then take MEASURED action.

I’m urging you at this time not to make your decisions out of fear and panic, because those decisions tend to be bad decisions.

It doesn’t mean you can’t act quickly, but you need to calm yourself first.

I’ll show you what I’m doing for my business and what I’m telling my team in this video, but first and foremost what you need to do right now is:

Please take care of yourself.

There are people relying on you for answers, and if you’re a wreck then it’s impossible to make the best decision you can make to support your family, employees and community.

So here’s what I’m doing to navigate these turbulent times:

    • MEDITATE – Sit down, close your eyes and just breathe for 15 minutes. This will calm you down.
    • EXERCISE – Even 15 minutes a day helps take care of your body.
    • SLEEP WELL – As well as you can at this stressful time.
    • EAT HEALTHY – Eat good food that you cook at home.

You can afford to do these things every day.

They are proven ways to relieve stress and reduce the anxiety or depression you may be feeling right now.

And lastly, enjoy what you have.

Practice a little gratitude for the things you do have at this moment.

It’s a far better thing to enjoy what you have than to get what you want. If you can’t enjoy what you have, then there’s no point in getting the things you want.

We can use this crisis to motivate ourselves to develop healthier habits that will support us through these dark times and in the future.

The light will come.

Now is the time to gather your strength and support the people who depend on you.

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