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Guiding Light Metrics For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns (What’s Working Now) with Vanessa Vega and Molly Pittman

There are no “Hacks,” but there ARE strategies to make your Facebook Ad campaigns work for you post iOS.14.5, and we have them in this episode! You will hear Molly Pittman and the Senior Media Buyer at the Smart Marketer Agency, Vanessa Vega, have a conversation about ‘What’s Working Now.’ Listen for insights on Organically Informed Campaigns, the rising role of ACOS (and other powerful metrics), plus more on iOS-only campaigns and utilizing your comments section.

You Will Learn:

  • The real value of social media (which marketers seem to miss).
  • Exactly which metrics you should be looking at (and how often).
  • What is ACOS (and why does it matter more than ever)?
  • The first thing Molly looks at with her clients…

And More…



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00:58 What To Expect From This Episode

01:17 Let’s Dive In

03:21 iOS-only campaigns

07:38 A Different Way To Think About Scale

11:37 Secondary Metrics That Give You A Guiding Light

13:28: What Should You Be Looking At (And What Exactly Is ACOS)?

15:54 ACOS Benchmarks

16:52 The First Thing Molly Looks At With A New Client

19:04 ROAS On Lead Magnet Funnels

21:41 What Other Metrics Should You Be Watching?

23:41 Look At The AOV Coming From Facebook

27:40 “It’s your competitive advantage, right? If you make more money in the first transaction, you can spend more to acquire that person, and you are less affected when ad costs rise.” Molly Pittman.

32:06 Organically Informed Campaigns

34:54 “If you have something that you want to test, you could put the simplest form of it on your social media, like a picture or something, and if it gains traction, you can turn it into a slideshow and then turn it into an actual developed video. And then, suddenly, you have what we were talking about earlier, which is Scale, right?” Vanessa Vega.

36:35 How To Utilize Your Comment Section To Scale Up!

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