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Google AdWords Re-Targeting w/ Mike Rhodes

Video Highlights
0:05 Mike Rhodes is no minister, but he was giving a sermon on Google Adwords
0:15 Google Adwords is still the most robust and powerful ads platform in the world in Ezra’s opinion
0:35 What are one or two tips for us Mike?
0:50 Mike loves re-marketing to the traffic because he see it as customers that just haven’t bought yet
1:10 Check out the link to get Mikes bog post on re-targeting
1:20 Another tip from mike is to grab cheap traffic from YouTube and then re-market to that
1:49 Google makes it really easy to use Google Adwords
2:03 Mike Rhodes will be back to give a webinar so you can look forward to that!

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Ezra Firestone: You are?

Mike Rhodes: Yeah.

EF: Yeah, yeah, we’ll do it

MR: For sure.

EF: Hey, Ezra here behind the scenes at Super Fast Business Live with Minister Mike Rhodes.

MR: [laughing]

EF: Who’s not actually a minister but he was giving a sermon earlier today and he was talking about Google AdWords. You know, in our community right now, Facebook Ads is getting so much play but really the most robust and powerful advertising network on the planet, in my opinion certainly, is Google Adwords.

MR: Amen.

EF: When you consider YouTube and product listing ads with the merchant center and remarketing and the display network. So what I’d like you to do, because it was just an awesome presentation…

MR: Thank you.

EF: … Is give one or two tips on how people can leverage that platform in a way that they may not be thinking about/

MR: Alright, got to have, if you’re doing E-commerce, you must have a Google Merchant Center and you’ve got to be doing Google Shopping Ads. Re-marketing. Love re-marketing. The power of re-marketing. All those people that come to your E-commerce store but haven’t bought from you yet may be 98% of your traffic. Get those people cookie-d. Even if you don’t know how you’re going to use them yet, even if you don’t know what ads you’re going to show them.

EF: So you take a re-marketing pixel from you’re…

MR: You get a little code from Google, you stick it on every page of your site and you’re golden.

EF: Do you have a little blog post or something that shows, technically, how that works?

MR: I do.

EF: Can we link to it? We’ll just link to it on the video.

MR: Yeah, yeah, we’ll link to it, that’s fine.

Fantastic. And a third little tip, which is a way to grab some cheap traffic and re-market to that. One of the best ones at the moment is YouTube. Get videos up on YouTube, you can get views off your videos playing as an ad before other videos start. You can get that for free because you don’t pay until 30 seconds of that video is up and everybody that sees your video on YouTube you can add to a re-marketing list and then show them ads later on.

EF: And the thing about Google, if that sounded confusing to you, Google actually makes it really easy to use their Advertising platform because they want you to spend money

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