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From Zero To One Million In 8 Months (On A Shopify Template Website) With Nish Samantray and Molly Pittman

Nish Samantray and his wife took their E-Comm business ‘Arrae’ from zero to one million dollars in revenue in just eight months. A couple of years later, they’re now spending half a million dollars every month (with the Smart Marketer Agency) on paid advertising! How does that even happen? You’ll find out exactly how in this episode. Nish and Molly break it down and marvel at the story. Did they have a head start? Sort of. Did they have an unfair advantage? Not particularly. Find out the exact strategies and steps they took so that you can glean tips and insights for your own brand and businesses.

You Will Learn:

  • How Nish and his wife found the time (and money) to develop their products.
  • The Influencer strategy (and market conditions) that grew ‘Arrae’ at Warp Speed.
  • A step many people miss on their product development and sales messaging journey.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

01.10 Let’s dive in.

03:06 A Suitcase Full Of Supplements

04:47 Gaining Experience Is Never Wasted Time

09:14 Let’s go back to the beginning.

11:25 An order every other minute!

13:22 Hustling and Grinding

14:42 “What gets you from zero to one is completely different than what gets you from one to ten.” Nish Samantray

17:03 If you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one.

17:50 What happened when Nish began Paid Ads

19:52 A common mistake entrepreneurs make.

23:07 Nish’s Must-Do Monthly goals

26:00 From $25k to $100k In Ad-Spend (In less than 3 months).

29:46 Gen Z Type Videos

30:33 Close to Half A Million In Ad Spend (Per Month)

32:07 Molly’s favorite Ad on the Internet (right now)

36:55 “The crazy thing is that resources will always be limited, and no matter how big your company is, there will always be multiple fires to solve. Just pick the one that is the biggest, most burning fire, solve it, and then move on to the other one”. Nish Samantray

38:47 What are the pillars of your business?

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