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Free Shopify Course (Part 1): “Facebook Ads for Beginners: Loyalty & Retention”

by Ezra Firestone

Hey! Are you new to Facebook advertising, or looking for a refresher on the fundamentals?

Well, I just partnered with Shopify on an awesome new free training
Facebook Ads for Beginners: Loyalty and Retention

This 6-module course is 100% free for active Shopify users (and if you’re not on Shopify, you can take advantage of their free 14-day trial).

You can access the course here:


Facebook Ads for Beginners: Course Outline

Paid advertising is the most consistent, most scalable strategy for growing an online business, and this training has everything you need to get started.

In this free 6-module course, I’ll walk you through how to set up your ad account, launch your first campaigns, and optimize for profitability.

Module 1: Learn the Facebook Ads Manager
Get your Business Manager account set up so you can manage Facebook and Instagram ads from one place.

Module 2: Product Page Retargeting
Learn how to run ads to anyone who visited a product page without purchasing.

Module 3: Home & Collection Page Retargeting
Find out which ads are most effective to show to casual browsers so that they eventually become customers.

Module 4: Shopping Cart Retargeting
Capitalize on buyer intent and get those visitors who are on the fence to make the purchase.

Module 5: Loyalty Campaign
Get those who love you to keep coming back. Learn how to target the right ads at the right type of customer to get them to purchase again.

Module 6: Reviewing Performance
Learn how to read Facebook’s advertising analytics so you can eliminate the poor performing ads and double-down on the winners.