Smart Marketer Podcast

Four Ways To Run Your Facebook Ad Campaigns In 2023

by Molly Pittman

Why are Pepijn Hufen and his Media Buyers at The Smart Marketer Agency so excited? They’re seeing some significant improvements in their Client accounts. As you have come to expect with this Podcast, we’re sharing all the insights with you today so that you can move into 2023 with the best strategies and results possible.

“If you have something that is already working in your ad account, leveraging these four ways to run your Facebook ads campaigns in 2023 can potentially transform your account”. Pepijn Hufen.

You Will Learn:

  • An answer to the iOS 14 Update
  • How to get an increase in new customer ROAS
  • The easiest way to set up an Advantage Plus Shopping Campaign
  • Pep’s golden rule…

And More…



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Time Stamps:

02:36 Let’s Dive In – An Overview Of The Four Strategies

03:34 Strategy #1, Old Faithful (ABO campaigns straight to your website)

04:30 Strategy #2, An Answer to the iOS update?

06:50 An Increase in New Customer ROAS

08:40 Strategy #3- Advantage Plus Shopping Campaigns

10:36 The Easiest Way To Set Up This Strategy

13:47 Pepijn’s Golden Rule For Operating In This (and any) Industry

14:41 Strategy #4 – Layer it up and combine the second and third strategies.

16:32 This Does Not Fix A Broken Offer.