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Forrest Gump Teaches Email Marketing (Spoof!)

by Ezra Firestone

Run, Forrest, RUN!

Whether you run a Shopify business, an Amazon business or a shrimpin’ boat business…

Email is still the #1 channel for increasing profit on your ecommerce store — and you don’t have to be the world’s smartest marketer to see results.

You can copy my best email strategies for free right now in my new 4-part training, Leveraging Email for Sales & Profit.

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The Secret Power of Email (and How it Boosts Your Brand’s Valuation)


Real talk: How’s your email game?

Does email account for at least 30% of your total revenue?

Are all your emails building a relationship, delivering value and/or making a sales offer?

Are you running a special promotion every 6-8 weeks? (Please say you are!)

No matter what market you’re in, a stronger email strategy means growth for your business.

Here’s what’s inside my free training…

In this 4-part training, I’m going to show you the proven strategies I used to grow my ecommerce business to $25 million in yearly revenue, including:

    • Why email is the secret to a bigger payday when you’re ready to sell your business
    • The most effective tactics for generating leads (plus one simple trick that added 72,433 opt-ins to my list)
    • How to communicate with your subscribers based on their behavior, including the email automation sequence I use to reduce refunds while increasing engagement, reviews and repeat business
    • How to run a “sale event,” including the emails, ads and landing pages we use for our holiday sales, products launches and more

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