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Ezra Firestones’ Secret To E-Commerce Success

In this solo episode direct from guru Ezra Firestone, you’ll hear about an overarching system that you can implement to ensure you’ve got a winning e-commerce business.

Ezra created this E-Commerce growth map because he wanted a document to refer back to every time he buys or starts a new business. He’s sharing an overview of that exact plan in today’s episode, so if you need this kind of insight to save or scale your business, listen in for Ezra’s stories, the stages he never skips, and your next steps.

“It’s easy to get a customer once. It’s hard to get a customer twice. And the better you can do that, the more successful your e-commerce business will be”. Ezra Firestone.

You Will Learn:

  • Why you need an operating system or ‘road map’ for wherever you’re at in your E-Commerce journey.
  • Why Ezra believes E-Commerce is the best business model, period.
  • How he used the E-Commerce growth map to transform a struggling business in 2022.
  • How he used the E-Commerce growth map to scale and sell Boom By Cindy Joseph.


And More…




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Time Stamps:

00:00 “This E-commerce growth map is for you. It’s going to help you no matter what stage of the game that you’re at. It’ll help you get to the next step. It’ll help you get what you want out of life. And most importantly, whenever I’m struggling with any e-commerce business I’m working on, I can pull this thing out, and when implemented, it helps the business grow.” Ezra Firestone.

01:54 Ezra shares his E-Commerce Back Story

04:10 “So, However you want to set your life up, whatever is important to you, your hobbies, your family, your community, all of that has to be built into the business that you’re building – or the business is going to just take over your world.” Ezra Firestone.

08:55 Ezra tells the story of a business he bought in 2022

12:50 The E-Commerce Growth Map begins with Website Architecture

14:30 Offer Creation

15:21 Email Systems: “A good e-commerce business will have 30 to 40 percent of its revenue coming from email”. Ezra Firestone

16:24 Traffic Systems

17:05 The Customer Boomerang.

20:14 How did ‘Boom By Cindy Joseph’ begin?

23:36 “You will make the most money that you make the day you sell a company.” Ezra Firestone.

24:39 Start with The Mission

25:33 Build a Wonderful Front-End Product

27:41 ??Amplify your content.

28:32 Why Ezra created “Smart Ecommerce.”

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