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Ezra: A Day In The Life

If you’re looking for great advice on marketing and ecommerce, then you’re in the right place—but at the wrong time!

Because today I want to share something a little different.

I call it, Ezra: A Day in the Life.

Which makes it sound much more serious than it is, which is… Not serious at all.

It’s actually just a fun collection of SnapChat videos that show you what I do when I’m not in front of the camera or on stage…

Which is—and this may surprise you—the majority of waking life.

A lot of people do ask me, “Man, it seems like you’re always working—do you ever take time for yourself?”

And the answer to that is, ab-so-lutely.

I take a lot of time away from my businesses to be with Carrie and friends and enjoy my other passions.

Because that feels like the healthiest, most rewarding life for me.

And as I explain in a previous blog post about why a lot of new entrepreneurs burn themselves out… This is also what’s best for my business.

If you really want to see what I’ve been doing in my businesses, then there are tons of helpful posts on the blog that you should check out.

(And this video does show a behind-the-scenes look at my morning ads check, my Facebook Live setup, and my Blue Ribbon Live Mastermind Call.)

But if you’re interested in seeing a little more about my life—

I’m talking the coffee-making, almond-milking, music-listening, morning-meditating, chicken-cooking, house-skating, bone broth-brewing side—

Then I would love to share this with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Video Highlights
0:29 Teamwork and Coffee
0:44 Grits & Gravy
0:58 Milking Some Almonds
1:05 Sneak Attack
1:10 Morning Ads Check
1:24 To Work or to Play
1:44 House Boarding
2:00 Plan the Work and Work the Plan
2:30 Cooking with Scissors
3:00 Bone Broth and Mac Nuts

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