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Eight YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

In this episode, Molly Pittman answers a question that came in from one of our listeners: What does she ‘consume’ in her personal life to keep her inspired and rejuvenated? Molly shares her most favorite media channels (that have nothing to do with Digital Marketing)! But they each have ’a special magic’ that has helped them grow organically.

Our goal in this episode is to encourage you to spend your free time wisely. What are you doing in your life for yourself? Something outside of business and outside of marketing?

You will learn:

  • What do these YouTube Channels have in common (a key to their success)?
  • Why marketers and entrepreneurs need to have hobbies and interests outside of business.

And more!



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00:00 “My goal is to encourage you to spend your free time wisely. I try to consume content that is uplifting or very interesting to me. So it’s either making me feel good, or it’s helping me to learn more about humans and the world that we live in.”
Molly Pittman.

03:02 “It’s interesting, you know, to look at these channels with our marketing brains and to see why they have been successful from a subscriber and view count standpoint.” Molly Pittman.

04:44 Channel #1 inspired Molly and the life she’s building now: Jonna Jinton.

06:19 Channel #2 will also help you escape the Hustle and Grind: The Cottage Fairy.

08:18 “I think it’s very important, especially as marketers and business people, to have hobbies and interests outside of business. It helps give us purpose and fulfillment that has nothing to do with today’s sales numbers or what we’re seeing in Facebook ads manager.” Molly Pittman.

08:46 Molly is Learning a ton from Channel #3, The Elliot Homestead.

10:01 Channel #4: Exploring Alternatives.

11:28 For Pure (Beautiful) Entertainment, National Geographic makes the list!

13:42 ‘There’s this other side of me that is also very interested in how our minds work as human beings. That’s why I love marketing. Marketing is basically understanding psychology and using that to be persuasive”. Molly Pittman.

13:59 And here’s the twist!

14:30 “These three channels are also amazing storytellers, and I’ve learned something from each of them that has made me a better teacher, a better podcaster, and just simply a better communicator to all of you.” Molly Pittman.

14:45 YouTube Channel #6 combines Makeup application AND TrueCrime: Bailey Saria

15:46 “Go watch one of Bailey’s videos because there’s something to learn from her about communication, that I’m still trying to identify exactly what it is, but she makes me feel okay to be myself” Molly Pittman.

16:08 That Chapter (Channel #7).

17:15 Channel #8, Last but not least, Kendall Rae.

20:12 A Different Kind Of Call To Action.

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