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Blue Ribbon LIVE: Behind the Scenes of My Mastermind Meetup in Seattle

Hey! Ezra here in Seattle, WA…

Where hipsters come for coffee, where Amazon built its home, and where Blue Ribbon Mastermind (my group of 7-, 8- and 9-figure brand owners) is hosting our last live meetup of 2019 to share what’s working in our businesses.

In this behind-the-scenes video, I’ll show you what it’s like to attend one of these events, and I’ll introduce you to a few speakers so they can tell you what they’re sharing at Blue Ribbon Live.

Speakers and topics include:

    Nehal Kazim (CEO of Ad Pros) on why he believes Facebook is only going to get harder, and what to do to stay ahead of the competitors in your market.
    Brett Curry (CEO of OMG Commerce) on why he advises his clients, his students, and his fellow Blue Ribbon members to dial in their retargeting campaigns first in order to scale on multiple channels.
    Pilar Gerasimo (author and journalist) on why diet and exercise aren’t always the best first steps for health-seeking people, and what might be a better option for those looking to avoid burnout.
    Laura Palladino (Social Media Strategist) shares what my ecommerce brand will be focusing on in 2020, and how she adds more value to our community and increases engagement using the content we already have.
    Anthony Mink (CEO at Live Bearded) on how he built an irresistible culture at, and an important thing to remember about your customers (that too many business owners forget).
    John Grimshaw (Traffic Marketing Director) on why Customer Value Velocity — and not Customer Lifetime Value — is the key to spending more intelligently on traffic platforms and improving your offers.

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Join us for 2 days of growth, connection, breakthroughs, new friends, eye-opening discussions, & most importantly… FUN