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Diversify Your E-Commerce Revenue Streams With SEO Acceleration

Have you given SEO a minute lately? Zach Schubert of Qera Marketing is not only an Agency Lead Generation consultant, but he has stayed in the SEO game and sees incredible results when most people have long deserted the channel for ‘greener pastures.’

In fact, SEO is not a thing of the past; it’s working right now if you’re willing to invest in it. And the best part? It doesn’t have to take as long as you think to see results. If you want to diversify traffic channels in a proven way, listen as Molly interviews Zach, and they discuss how he gets SEO results faster (guaranteeing clients an improvement in keyword ranking within three months). You will also hear the exact sales funnel he developed to solve his agency’s lead-gen problems (so you can apply it to your business and see similar results).

You Will Learn:

  • The key to speeding up SEO results
  • 3 Pillars of SEO for E-Comm
  • Two reasons that Zach believes they were able to catapult into the market
  • The perfect place to find great SEO writers!
  • A Sales funnel that has brought them 2000 (really great) sales calls in the past year

And More…



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Time Stamps:

01:11 Molly Pittman introduces Zach Schubert of Qera Marketing.

03:58 Zach talks about his background in Non-Profits

06;02 “It’s easier to scale SEO than ads as far as the cost of it, right? Because for ads, if you want to scale, you have to spend more for SEO. You just have to do it longer.” Zach Shubert.

07:32 Three Pillars of SEO for E-Comm

12:21 “This is a long-term play. It takes consistency. It’s why it’s worth it.” Molly Pittman

14:24 Case Study: Righteous Felon (Beef Jerky)

16:15 When might these SEO strategies NOT WORK?

17:18 Why Neither Molly nor Zach Offers Their Services To Marketers

18:20 For SEO to make sense, you need an offer with Longevity.

20:55 How they use Paid Ads For Lead Generation

25:19 Don’t Knock Static Images (For Ads)

28:14 “And then by the time they’re on a call with us, they’re basically just asking, oh, how much does this cost me? I need this now”. Zach Schubert.

30:27 Health, Wellness and Zach’s alternative diet.

35:23 In Summary

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