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Conversion Gold: How (and Why) To Get Customer Video Reviews


In this post, I’m going to tell you the most effective conversion asset I have on my 8-figure ecommerce store. Then I’m going to give you a page template so you can use this same conversion asset on your own store.

(BONUS: I also have a huge announcement to make later in this blog post. Stay tuned.)

Here’s a link to the offer page for one of our most popular products at BOOM! By Cindy Joseph (I also walk you through this page in the video above, starting at 4:20).

At the top of this page, you will see a collection of conversion assets that all contribute to getting a customer to make a purchase. These are:

1) A hero image of the product; 2) A short block of written content; 3) Selfies (social proof elements) from recent customers and 4) Multiple product demonstration videos.

Adding these elements to our offer pages resulted in significantly greater conversions. What I really want to show you, however, is further down the page: Our collection of Customer Video Reviews.

Customer Video Reviews

These are videos our customers make sharing their experiences with our product, and of the many conversion assets you will find on this offer page, they are the most important.

Before buying a product, people want to know that other people like it. And hands down, social proof is the best way to convince them.

That’s why Customer Video Reviews are absolute gold for conversions.

And you can use them throughout your sales funnel, including on landing pages and in post-purchase email sequences.

Hopefully you’re asking yourself this question right now: “How do I get my customers to send me video reviews?”

It’s not hard. Let me show you.

How to Incentivize Your Customers to Send You Video Reviews

Good luck getting anyone to do anything for you without some kind of incentive. Simply saying, “Hey, please do me a solid and send me a video review” probably won’t cut it.

So how do we get our reviews?

After a customer makes a purchase, they are put on a post-purchase email sequence containing relevant content and offers. One part of that sequence is an incentivized video review email and an associated landing page.

In that email, we offer them a $10 gift card to our store in exchange for a 20-50 second long review where we ask them to mention our brand, the product the bought, and why they like it.

In the video above I show you the landing page we use to tell customers exactly how to send in their review, and you can replicate it to start getting your own customer videos.

But first: THE BIG REVEAL!

That’s right, smack in the middle of this blog post is where I’m revealing our new Shopify landing page builder, ZipifyPages.

I’m choosing this exact moment to do it because this is the tool we use to build all our high-converting landing pages (and if you’re reading this post, I assume you’re interested in increasing your conversion rate).

So if you’re interested, here’s a short animated video to show you how it works:


My team and I created this landing page builder, and it has templates for all the best sales pages and funnels we use in our ecommerce stores. It also allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom pages.

Before this blog post, I had never announced it outside of my mastermind group, because it’s in beta in a very select group of stores.

(I can most likely get you in the beta if you’re interested. Just check the bottom of this page and I’ll show you how.)

Template: Incentivized Video Review

This Incentivized Video Review Page is one of the many landing page templates that comes with ZipifyPages (we’re adding more at about 1 every two weeks).

But you don’t need to buy ZipifyPages to use this on your store. If you’re on WordPress or another ecommerce platform, you can just replicate what I’m about to show you.

It starts with this headline:

Get a Free $10 Gift Card By Sending Us A Short Video Review of BOOM! Products!

Then below that, under the subheadline “A FREE $10 BOOM! GIFT CARD”, we have the short explanation of our guidelines for the review.

We then have a great infographic telling them exactly what they need to do—from how to take their video and tips on filming, to how and where to email it.

We also include a video of our spokesperson telling them how to do this, in case people want to consume content in different formats.

(For this, you just have to watch the video to get the full affect, but it works amazingly well).

And if you’re running a social media contest, you can add a countdown timer to the top of this page that stops access after a certain date/time. Just drag and drop the timer at the top of the page if you’re using ZipifyPages.

You Want to Start a Conversation

The big idea here is that when you are engaging someone in a conversation about your product, you never want to start by telling them to buy your stuff.

What you want to do is begin the conversation by giving them content that relates to an interest they have. And as you continue your side of the conversation by giving them relevant information, you transition into an offer.

But even after your prospect gets to your offer page, you have to continue to give them valuable content about your product.

That’s why I say conversion is just communication. It’s all about getting your message across most effectively.

And in my experience, the most effective way of getting our message heard is to let our happy customers do it for us.

Interested In Trying ZipifyPages On Your Shopify Store?

It’s still in beta (but works great!), and we won’t be releasing it to the Shopify app store for about a month. If you want early access, here’s what you have to do:

Email me at

Write in and say that you heard me (Ezra) mention ZipifyPages and that you’re interested in getting beta access, and I’ll try to get you in,


Ezra Firestone
Serve the World Unselfishly and Profit

Video Highlights:
1:22 Your core platform
1:38 The prospect-to-customer journey
2:42 Conversion assets
3:32 Boom! By Cindy Joseph product offer page
5:35 Social proof is the most important conversion asset
6:35 How we get Customer Video Reviews
7:32 Zipify Pages
10:09 Incentivized Video Review Page
11:38 ZipifyPages editing blocks
12:26 ZipifyPages beta opportunity
12:56 Content marketing works
13:32 Consumption of the digital medium has changed
14:46 Conversion comes down to communication

Click Here For Video Transcript

Ezra: Hey, Ezra here. That was a loud “hey”. I’m actually listening to myself in this ear and I am checking to see if we’re live on the fan page.

I’ve got a big announcement today and there’s some things that I’d like to talk about and actually this in-ear monitor is like super loud, so I’m gonna pull this out.

Charles: You can turn it down a little.

Ezra: I’m just gonna tuck it into my shirt, act like you can’t see it, so there you go, I got a monitor in here.

So there’s a couple of things that I wanna talk about today. Yeah, we’re live. How cool is that? I’m just gonna share this video, beautiful.

So welcome to the show. Ezra here. I got something that I wanna talk about in relationship to how to make more sales in your business. So if you have something you offer, you’ve got a physical product, you’ve got a service, you’ve got…you know, maybe you have a local business and you’d like to have more people take you up on whatever it is that you’re offering.

Are you trying to get my attention, Aunt [SP] Charles?

Charles: No.

Ezra: Aunt Charles is running the show here. He’s chasing after a net. We’re very professional as you can tell.

I’ve got a big announcement today and I wanna show you some stuff.

So, basically, there’s a frame that I want you to take when it comes to your business and that frame, and we’ll switch the slides for this. So, there’s a frame that I want you to take in relationship to the thing that you’re offering. So that frame is that your core platform in any sales funnel that you create is simply a collection of conversion assets working in concert. So, basically, when you are offering something to a group of people or a person, there’s three stages of a customer journey when they’re sort of before they’re your customer like they don’t know about you yet, then there’s while they’re becoming a customer, so sort of after they found out about you, and then there’s after they’re already your customer, they’ve done business with you and now you’re reengaging with them, delivering value and maybe making additional offers.

So at each stage of the cycle, like you get someone’s attention, you show them a piece of content on Facebook or on social media or you run an ad, that’s like before, right? You get their attention.

Now, you’ve gotten their attention and you’ve taken them to maybe a landing page or a video to watch, that sort of doing while they’re becoming a customer.

And then if you do a good enough job, if you got a good product, something good to offer and you communicate, because at the end of the day, it comes down to communication. If you’re able to communicate the value that you have to offer someone in an effective enough manner, they’ll take you up on whatever the offer is.

And then there’s after that or after they’ve taken you up on the offer, you have to actually deliver on the goods, right? You can’t just promise the world and then not deliver on it. You actually have to, you know, deliver and, hopefully, make an additional offer.

So this conversion asset and there’s bunch of like pieces of content or what I like to call “conversion assets” that work in concert with one another at each of these stages, right? There’s like the video that you have on your website. There’s your sales copy. There’s customer reviews. There’s all kinds of stuff.

I’m gonna show you one of my landing pages and show you the conversion assets that are on that page that are working together. So at each stage of the customer journey, these conversion assets are working in concert with one another to support you in what you want, which is a conversion, and what your customers want, which is a solution to their problems.

So let’s take a look at one of my websites here and I’m gonna announce something really cool on this call that I have not brought out into the public yet, something I’ve been working on for a year, I’ve had a year of work. My team…about 17 people have been working on this project for the last year. I’m gonna debut it.

So basically, this is a page on our website. Now, our customer journey for this particular offering, this is a brand called BOOM! by Cindy Joseph and our messaging is a little bit different than everyone else in the beauty space. Like everyone is telling women that their value is going down overtime, right? It’s anti-age, anti-wrinkle, everything’s great until 35 and then it starts to go downhill. We don’t believe that is…we don’t subscribe to that viewpoint and so our message is a little bit different, but anyway, on this product detail page, check this out.

So this is a product offer page. Someone saw a piece of content on Facebook where we started a conversation about this different way of looking at beauty, maybe we used a video and then we got them over to maybe an article on our website, and then eventually, these are all conversion assets along the way. Eventually, they make it to our product offer page.

Now whatever kind of business you have, you probably have an offer page or you should. You know, you should have a page on the internet that sort of explains and shows in multiple media formats, because some people like to watch videos, some people like to look at pictures, some people like to read text, but it explains in multiple media formats what you have to offer. So check out this offer page here.

So we have a hero shot of the product. We’ve got a little bit of content about it. We have a sales video and a demonstration video. And one of the things to know about videos that are designed to sell people stuff is what you really wanna do in those videos is display the ownership benefit like how is someone’s life gonna change? How is it going to be good for them if they own this product?

Now as we scroll down, we have some social proof elements which are like some testimonials from our customers and images about how they liked our product. We’ve got some of what I call third-party pitch videos, some long form left, right content, and we’ve got some other like traditional customer reviews. And the part that I want to show you are these right here. So all these are conversion assets, by the way. The sales video is a conversation asset. This copy is a conversion asset. This imagery, those are just the ingredients. This imagery is a conversion asset, but the most important conversion asset on this page are these right here.

These are video reviews from customers sharing the experience they had with our products and social proof is huge. People want to know that other people like your stuff. They don’t wanna know…you know, of course, you think your stuff is great. Of course, you’re gonna be like, “My stuff is awesome. My service is awesome. My product’s awesome.” But what do other people think about it? And getting a video from a past customer talking about why your product is good and how they use it and why they like it is gold for conversion. It’s a conversion asset so a customer video review of your offer is a conversion asset that you can use in many places. You can use it in your email sequences. You can use it on your offer page and what I wanna do is show you how we get these videos.

First, I’ll show you what happens when you click on one, right? You click on one of these things, it’s gonna pop up a video and then it’s gonna play that video. So on the offer page, we have video reviews. So how do we get these? Well, the way that we get them is by incentivizing our customers to give them to us and what I mean by that is after someone buys from us, we send them a bunch of emails, “Hey, your product is showing up. Here’s some frequently asked questions. Here’s some content that you should know about how to use the product,” and all kinds of stuff.

One of the things that we send them after, you know, 10, 12 days after they’ve had a chance to get the product then use it is what we call an “incentivized video review email”. And it’s an email and an associated landing page that’s designed to incentivize our past customers to give us a video review. And the way we incentivize them is by offering them a $10 gift certificate to our store.

So I’m gonna show you the landing page, but first, I want to debut to you, before I show you that landing page, I wanna show you how we built it, why we built it. So I’m gonna play you a video which is a big announcement. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about this product that we have coming out that allows you to build landing pages. So I’m gonna roll the video and I’ll talk to you about it.

“Looking for a quick and easy way to create high-converting landing pages and sales funnels for your Shopify store? Well, first, what is a landing page? Well, it’s any specific page that you send traffic to to prompt a specific result. Let’s say a newsletter sign-up or a holiday sales page or any goal that you might have. And if you create a series of pages that share a common goal, let’s say a landing page, a sales page, and a post check-out thank-you page, then you have a sales funnel.”

“Landing pages are perfect for growing your business by boosting leads and sales, but right now there’s a big problem. To create a landing page for your store, you could either hire a designer and a developer to create one for you and that takes time and money. Or, you can use a landing page builder which is faster and less expensive, but the problem is, none of the landing page builders on the market integrate your Shopify store, so you have to deal with confusing plug-ins and sub-domains and skewed analytics, which is extra cost and extra hassle.”

“Well now, there is a solution. Introducing Zipify Pages. Zipify Pages is an e-commerce landing page and sales funnel builder that seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store.”

“Start by choosing a template from our ever growing template library. This page templates come directly from our eight-figure e-commerce stores that are built on Shopify. We test what works and we put our best templates in the Zipify Pages.”

“After selecting a template, it’s easy to customize it to fit your store by using our drag and drop editor. You can choose from our collection of conversion elements or blocks as we like to call them like featured products, countdown timer, social proof sections, and more.”

“Once you have the page just the way you like it, click Publish. It’s as easy as that. You now have an amazing new page published right to your Shopify store.”

“Your page will look great on any device. It’s 100% mobile responsive and all of the data is under one domain. So tracking leads and sales in Facebook is easy, simple, and accurate.”

“High-quality landing pages and sales funnels as soon as you need them.”

Zipify Pages, check it out today.”

So, that Zipify Pages, that’s a landing page builder we made for Shopify that builds the same sales pages and sales funnels that we use in our business, in our store for Shopify.

Now, I have never announced that outside of my close Mastermind groups. We’ve had it in beta for a while now, it’s still in beta and I’ll let you know how you can play with it if it’s something you’re interested in for your business, but let’s take a look at it.

So once you get into Zipify Pages, it’s connected to your Shopify store, you can, you know, do a custom page or you can use a template. And one of the templates that we have in here, we’ve got all kinds of templates and we add a new one every couple of weeks, but you can select this incentivized video review page and you don’t have to use Zipify Pages to build this page and when you can, if you’re using Shopify, it’s a great way but you can also just build this page on your website, you know, whatever you’re using. If you’re using BigCommerce, if you’re using WordPress, you can build a page like this for whatever type of business you have.

So checking out this page inside the Zipify Pages, you can see that the way that this is built is that every block is editable. So the first thing we do is we say, “Get a free gift card to BOOM! by sending us a video review of the products you use.” And then we’ve got a little more content that talks about what we want, and that we want the 20 to 50 second video, and we tell them exactly what we want them to do. We’ve got a little image of the products. We say, “One, grab a smartphone,” and we’ve got an image of that. “Number two, record your video,” and then we give them specifications for the video. “Mention our name, show your face, review our product and your shopping experience, and then email the video from the device that you’re already on, the device that you’re watching this one or rather that you’re shooting this on, email that video to us and then finally you get a free gift card.”

We also have included a video that walks them through the same thing because again some people like to read, some people like to watch. So we say everything in text and image format on this landing page, as you can, we’ll stay right on Zipify Pages, Aunt Charles, this whole time. On the landing page, you can see that we say everything in text format and we say it in image format and we say it in video format.

And the other cool thing about Zipify Pages is you can then just publish that to your Shopify store, you could add other blocks, you could change the header, you could add different content blocks. Maybe you wanna set, you know, a countdown and you’ll only want this to be available for a certain number of time. You can modify the countdown timer and set a date for when it ends, if you’re doing some kind of a contest or something like that. You could add other blocks, long form, left, right content. Pretty much anything that you could think of that you might wanna do on a page, you could do. So, you know, there’s other pages, you can do a custom page, you can add in like, you know, a presale engagement article or something like that.

So there’s a lot of fun stuff that you can do, but what I really wanted to show you was the landing page that we use to create the incentivized video reviews that our customer sent to us that we then put on our products.

Now, if you’re interested in checking out Zipify Pages using our new store, it’s still in beta. It’s extremely powerful. We’ve been working on it for a year. We’re not gonna release it to a production to everyone. For probably about a month, it will be in the Shopify app store, but if you wanna try it out beforehand, you can shoot an email to and we might be able to get you into the beta if you’re interested. So that’s and just say, “Hey, I saw Ezra on Facebook. He showed me what you guys were doing with the landing page builder and I’m interested.”

But the point here is that when you are engaging someone in a conversation about something that you have to offer them, you don’t wanna just be like, “Buy my stuff. Please buy this thing for me.” What you wanna do is start a conversation with a piece of content that relates to the problem that they face, right, like so…or relates to a topic of interest that then after they’ve had a chance to engage with that and consume a little bit of it, you then switch into saying, “Hey, I have this offer that you might be interested in,” because what that does is it more clearly mimics the way that people are consuming the digital medium.

So what happened was that people used to sit at laptops and desktops and they’d consume the internet like for long periods of time. They’d sit down for an hour, two hours, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and then they’d consume in the digital medium. Well, what happened was we moved, uh-oh, I messed up my Facebook page here. We moved from sort of static way, a set way of consuming the digital medium to touch base consumption where we carry these devices around with us and we’re consuming at them at little periods, much different times like you’re using them on the toilet, or you’re using them in the line at the bank. You’re consuming the internet sporadically throughout the day instead of at one set period of time and that changes the way that if you’ve got a business and you wanna communicate with someone, it changes the way that you have to communicate with them because they’re no longer spending like, you know, an hour at a time. They’re spending little bits at a time so the way to do it is to have content that you keep putting in front of people that they can consume in little bits over time that then transitions into an offer for one of your products.

And so we’ll get more into this on the next show about that prospect to customer journey and have it settled up so that you’re not being douchie, you know, you’re not being like aggressive and offering things in a way that doesn’t feel good to people. Because as I said, conversion which is the lingo term for getting someone to say yes to whatever you’re offering them, comes down to communication. Marketing is messaging. It’s all messaging and it’s all communication and the more effectively that you can communicate the value that you have to offer someone, the more effective it will be, you know. The more that they will actually say yes to it and that comes and a part of that is sort of mimicking user behavior in showing content in the way that people want to consume it and having little conversion assets along the way such as the incentivized video review, or a video review of your offer from your customers that you can use in emails, you can use on your offer page, like in our case, we’re using it on our offer page.

So, we use Zipify Pages, which is our new announcement. It’ll be out for everyone in a month or two. If you wanna check out the beta, you can email us at We’re really proud of it. We’ve been working on it for like literally a year, countless hours, thousands of hours of energy has gone into this thing and it’s pretty amazing. Check it out and I’ll catch up with you on the next one.

Ezra here from Smart Marketer. We’re done.

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