Smart Marketer Podcast

Communication Is Key (Part 3)

by Ezra Firestone

Do you have communication structures in place? In part 3 of this 3-part series on Communication, Ezra Firestone talks about the need for open communication at work and at home. He shares a few tactics for strong communication, explains “emotional charge” and “value judgments,” and much more. (To hear Molly’s and John’s thoughts on communication, go back and listen to episodes 24 and 26.)

You’ll Learn:

  • What Molly believes the marketing industry is lacking (that Ezra has in spades)
  • How to take responsibility when communicating
  • The importance of an agreed upon communication structure
  • Why an “uncommunicated value judgement” is both good and bad

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1:08 Molly believes Ezra has something the industry is lacking. Find out what it is…

2:11 Taking Responsibility — When communicating, take responsibility for THIS.

2:58 What are “emotional charges” and why should we control them?

5:11 When you’re triggered, are you trying to understand why?

6:18 Communication Structure — Learn why this is so important for open communication.

8:41 What’s an “uncommunicated value judgement”?

11:40 Ezra shares why it’s crucial to have open communication in the workplace at all times.

15:08 Emotional Accountability — Someone on your team needs to pay attention to how your employees are feeling.

17:41 When conflict arises, there are 2 ways to win and 1 way to lose.

20:53 Here’s the first step to working on your communication skills.

23:24 “We’re herding animals… We care about what other people think of us.” -Ezra

24:40 Meetings Are Helpful — Ezra shares a few tips for relating with coworkers when working remotely.

28:40 Thanks for listening!