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How to Check Your Facebook “Customer Feedback Score”

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Here’s a quick post about how to check your Customer Feedback Score on Facebook.

This score is the metric that Facebook and Instagram use to rate you as a brand and as an advertiser, and it’s especially important for ecommerce merchants like me.

If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in ad performance or a big spike in costs, then your Customer Feedback Score could be the problem!

Plus, see the real survey Instagram is sending your customers right now to get their feedback.

• What Is the Customer Feedback Score
• Instagram’s Customer Feedback Survey
• How to Check Your Customer Feedback Score

What is the Customer Feedback Score?

Whether you knew it or not, Facebook and Instagram have been sending post-purchase surveys to your customers and collecting feedback on their shopping experience.

Then they tabulate a score from 0–5 based on this feedback (5 being the best) and display it inside your Facebook Business Manager:

• If your score drops between 1 and 2, Facebook will apply a delivery penalty to your ads. This means that your ads will reach fewer people for the same budget.

• If your score drops below 1, then you won’t be allowed to advertise.*

Now let’s take a look at the post-purchase survey they’re using to get this feedback.

They just sent a survey to my Instagram account (Instagram is owned by Facebook), so I’ll use it as an example.

*See more information here:

Instagram’s Customer Feedback Survey

This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve received this review feature for an ecommerce brand I’ve purchased from. It appears right at the top of your Instagram activity feed:

This survey is for the brand Ricky & Micky, a company I bought a floral shirt from recently.

Facebook and Instagram know I converted because this company buys ads on their platform and they must have recorded my purchase using a Facebook pixel.

Now they want to know how satisfied I am as a consumer, so they can grade this brand’s ads based on my feedback. (I’ll show you where to find your grade after I share the survey.)

The Customer Feedback Survey looks like this:

Step 1. How was the overall experience?

If this brand gets too much negative feedback from customers like me, then Facebook is going to make their ads cost more or ban their ad account entirely.

This means you can no longer be a dropship retailer who takes 65 days to deliver a product and get away with it. You’ll get a bunch of dissatisfied consumers, your ad account will get shut down, and you’ll lose your biggest visibility source.

I was actually very satisfied with this brand so I’m going to select “Satisfied,” which brings me to this second screen:

Step 2. What were you most satisfied with?

In this case, I was most satisfied with the product itself, so I’ll click “Product Quality.”

Then they give you a chance to provide any other details about the experience or what could be improved:

Step 3. What could be improved?

I’m not going to add anything else on this screen, so I’ll just click “Submit.”

With that, Ricky & Micky’s feedback score and overall ad account health score will go up because I told Instagram they did a great job.

How to Check Your Customer Feedback Score

You can find your Customer Feedback Score inside your ad account by logging into your Facebook Business Manager account and navigating to Facebook Account > Account Quality from the side menu.

As you can see, the current score for my ecommerce brand is 4.4 out of 5 which is high, but you can also see the Penalty Threshold you cross when you drop below a score of 2:

If you go below 2, you’re in trouble…

Scroll further down on this page, and Facebook shows you the breakdown of your score by category.

For us, the majority of consumers selected Product Quality as the thing they were most satisfied with:

Scroll farther down and you’ll see your negative survey responses —

And funny enough, customers who responded they were dissatisfied with us also selected Product Quality as their top choice, along with Shipping Speed:

Like I said, I know a lot of dropshippers who were penalized when Facebook launched this feature because customers were upset with long shipping speeds.

But as long as you’re getting more positive feedback than negative, you’ll be fine — and if you’re not, then this page can help shed some light on why that is.

Because in the end, it’s always been your job to make a great product, with great support, and ship it as quickly as you can.

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