Q&A: “How Do I Send My Amazon Customers to Shopify?”

by Ezra Firestone

“Hey Ez, what’s the best way to send your customers from Amazon to Shopify?

Well, the thing is you’re not supposed to do that.

Amazon doesn’t want you to send your customers to Shopify because then they don’t get the sale, and if they find out you’re doing it Amazon will shut you down.

Here’s What You Can Do

You can include a package insert in your Amazon boxes that has a printed URL for your Shopify store.

Unfortunately, that’s the best way to do this that’s “above board,” and I never teach anything that’s against Amazon’s Terms of Service. It’s not worth risking your Amazon business.

At least with a package insert you can expect about 5% of your Amazon customers to visit your Shopify store.

Want More Shopify Customers?

The best way to send more customers to your Shopify store is to get good at running Facebook ads and building sales funnels.

Amazon is its own business model that only lives on and doesn’t get you a customer database — so treat it like a source of cash flow for your main ecommerce brand.

Don’t try to pilfer people off of Amazon.

That’s putting energy in the wrong direction, and it’s not going to serve you. Amazon’s going to boot you out as soon as they find out what you’re doing.

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