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Bundle Like A Pro! (An E-Commerce Client Consultation) With Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw

This episode will take you ‘behind the curtain’ with a clip from our mastermind, ‘Your Next Move.’ Molly, John, and Pepijn work with business owners to help them figure out their next strategic move. In this clip, you will hear them as they look at the data and consider the clients’ challenges. This client wants to raise her Average Order Value and get more repeat business.

This episode is incredibly valuable, even if you’re not an e-commerce business with lots of products because it talks about the most fundamental secret to winning with marketing.

You will learn:

  • Why changing your front-end offer is the best place to start.
  • How bundles solve ‘Choice Overwhelm’ (and improve conversion rates)
  • How to use your Pop-Ups and Email automation to power up this strategy

And more!

Thank you for listening.


If you’re curious about the Your Next Move Mastermind, check out


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00:00 “It’s really sitting down and saying, we know which of your products sell the best, but based on the feedback you get from customers in-person (or online), who are these people really? And then where do we think the opportunity is?” Molly Pittman.

04:16 Why Bundle?

12:30 Keys To Pricing…

14:09 How To Use Your Pop UP.

15:42 Layer on with Follow Up Emails.

16:52 How To Fix Choice Overwhelm

23:33 Simplicity First

25:11 John’s Email Strategy for Missy (That You Can Use Too)

28:06 The Hardest Part Of This…

30:48 What about Coupon Clipping?

31:50 Takeaways For Missy (And you)

33:20 Start Simple And Test

34:33 “That’s why people buy a gift box (or anything else). They want to be thoughtful in five minutes or less! And that’s the shortcut you’re basically giving them”. John Grimshaw.

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